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Making the Most of His Manhood

For the purposes of this post, the word “manhood” can be defined as “penis.” Just so you know.

When we talk about male anatomy with regard to sex, the usual perspective is your husband has a penis, which gives way to his testicles, and then there’s his torso. Measuring a penis only involves testicle-to-tip. Hand job and oral sex tips instruct the use of your hand/mouth from balls-to-bulb. Penetration is really only possible down to those dual package obstacles where semen is manufactured as happily as Willy Wonka makes chocolate.

But actually, your husband penis extends a bit past his testicles. There is arousal and satisfaction to be had by making the most of his manhood — including the few inches of penile tissue that run in between his testicles and beyond. Let me show you what I mean:

Male reproductive anatomy
Photo credit: Tsaitgaist via Wikimedia Commons (modified)

When sexual arousal occurs, the penis fills up with blood like a balloon fills with air. It stiffens and rises, and the size of the man’s testicles increases as well. But those testicles remain loose, tender, and movable. If you follow the stiff artery running on the underside of your husband’s penis with your finger, you can stroke all the way between his testicles and even farther to the section I (scientifically) named “area often neglected” in the above diagram.

Those few inches are also in contact with the corpus cavernosum (or really cavernosa, since there are two tubes in there), where the incoming arteries open and outgoing veins constrict to cause the penis to hold pressure and fill with blood. And since those tubes are where the erection is maintained, it’s not a bad idea to stroke it. You can use your hand to contact that whole length of his penis, from his tip down the shaft, through his testicles, and all the way to his torso.

Indeed, his body may help you get to that lower length as he edges toward climax. When a man draws close to orgasm, his testicles tend to raise up a little, retreating back a bit toward his trunk. Possibly to allow for deeper penetration of the penis into the vagina. But if you’re in the midst of intercourse, wives, you can reach down with your hand past your connection and add some tension to the penis in that neglected area. The extra attention might increase his excitement and help him finish.

Another interesting benefit of letting your hand make the most of his manhood is that the corpus cavernosa lead up to the prostate gland. Recently, sexual researchers have postulated that the prostate gland is a bit like a woman’s G-spot, an extra sensitive area that likes being stimulated. Applying pressure to the corpus cavernosa, all the way up the length of his penis to his torso, can indirectly stimulate that gland. It’s a bit like an especially good rub in a massage.

Of course, your husband is the best consultant for how he likes to be touched and stroked. Ask him what he thinks of you making more contact with that area. Experiment with stroking, kissing, and rubbing all the way down his penis, beyond his shaft. See what he thinks!

If he likes that sensation, add it to your repertoire. If he has different tips, give those a try. Explore and find the areas of his penis that yearn for your touch.

Make the most of his manhood.

14 thoughts on “Making the Most of His Manhood”

  1. “Explore and find the areas of his penis that yearn for your touch.”

    Though the comment box doesn’t show them, I was curious about the use of italics with the word “his.” Does that mean as opposed to the wife’s penis or another penis that isn’t “his?” Of course according to 1 Cor 7:4, his penis is YOUR penis also so the question may be moot. 🙂

    All tormenting aside, this is an area often over-looked and seldom instructed about. It’s similar to men being told about the vagina and nothing about the clitoris. The analogy is a little off in that the head of the penis and clitoris or more analogous, but you get the point. We are over-looking another area of erogenous pleasure by ignoring the perineum and prostrate. Massaging the prostate is also reputed to have ancillary health benefits beyond intensifying the orgasm so it’s a real two-fer for your husband. If you are unsure about the health benefits, go for it anyway. Better to err on the side of pleas….caution than have regrets and your husband wearing a long face afterward. Happy wife/happy life can be adapted to happy rubby/happy hubby. You heard it here first.

  2. Hi! Great information. I had noticed that my husband really liked it when I gave attention to the “area often neglected”…but I never knew why. And now I know about the corpus cavernosa area (had never heard of it). Something new to try/experience. Love reading/hearing more about how God made our body for each other. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yes! I have done this before and my husband absolutely loves it, especially when I’m on top. Discovered this by chance and I now I do it…a lot!

  4. Other than oral, I’m not picturing too many positions where it would be possible to stroke that area while he’s penetrated. My imagination is lacking!

    This is wonderful information….I so look forward to reading your posts and putting them to use!

    1. It’s likely do-able from a rear-entry position or front-to-front if your legs are up high enough to tilt your hips a bit out of the way. Hope that helps!

    2. Here’s hoping this posts anonymously, since someone I know led me to this blog and may, therefore, be reading…

      That area is usually reachable in an average position if you reach around *behind* yourself – like, reach around your own backside and between your legs. I’m not sure if that made sense.

  5. My friend, you do not hold back on giving us the facts, and I appreciate it! Sad to say I have never checked out this area. I’ll have to confer with hubby about it.

    1. Yes, I’ve had the charge of being frank placed upon me more than once. LOL. But I personally appreciate when someone talks turkey with me, so why not? 🙂 Thanks, Gaye.

  6. I found out once that my husband likes it when I press and stroke on that area behind his testicles during oral sex. He really responds! I got the idea after reading about the prostate gland and the pleasure it can receive if massaged. He also likes my other hand around the shaft at the same time. This is best achieved when he’s kneeling over me. It’s one of our favorite positions, especially on those days when we can’t have intercourse for various reasons.

  7. I absolutely love this blog and all its tips! But how do I get my husband to talk-or just let me know somehow-what feels good and what doesn’t? I try to ask him directly (not during sex), but he just says: “You’ll get better” or, if I’m super lucky, “You’re getting better”. This is specifically about oral but in general about sex too.

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