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Is Your Husband the Sexiest Man Alive?

Male silhouette with blog post titleAlmost every year since 1985, People magazine has named its “Sexiest Man Alive.” It’s become a widely publicized event to find out who scored the year’s honor of being the world’s most attractive (celebrity) man.

Previous winners include Mel Gibson, Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Pierce Brosnan, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp, and Adam Levine. This year’s winner? Chris Hemsworth. (In case you don’t know who that is, I have one word for you: Thor.)

But I take issue with that whole thing. Because hey, I’m living with the sexiest man alive! At least in my opinion. And my prayer is that every wife would feel that way about her husband.

All too often, I hear wives speak about and drool over some celebrity guy, even joking that they’d leave their own husband if that hunky actor or singer showed up at their door. Look, I get it. God made some highly attractive men, and I notice them too. As they say, I’m married, not blind.

But when it comes to where we place our sexual drive focus, that should go to the man who put a wedding ring on your finger and a lifelong vow on his lips.

So yeah, I think my husband is the sexiest man alive. Not because he has big biceps or baby blue eyes like Chris Hemsworth (he doesn’t), but because his intimate love for me is beyond sexy — it’s holy and hot and mine-all-mine.

So how can you cultivate that feeling that your husband is the sexiest man alive? Here are a few ideas:

Stop focusing on some far-off celebrity. A reminder about most of these celebrities: It’s part of their job to look good. Thus, many of them have personal chefs, athletic trainers, make-up artists, hair stylists, etc. to enhance their features. So when you see that guy in a photo shoot for a magazine, he’s been spruced up. But sexy is more than looking good. Remember that you don’t know that guy, not really. So don’t dwell on getting hot and bothered over some stranger whose biggest draw is their amped-up appearance.

Remember what appealed to you about your husband. When you first picked your hubby, I’m sure you gazed at him lovingly. He looked good in your eyes. You wanted to check him out, be near him, kiss his handsome face. And he’s the same, even if there are some more wrinkles or maybe love handles on him. Tap into those memories and the feelings you had about how sexy your husband was when you picked him out.

Remind yourself of his current assets. I recently posed a quick question on social media asking people to name three things they loved about their spouse. I started the ball rolling with my answer of “his integrity, his humor, and his wintertime facial hair.” I loved the responses I got, which included a lot of good and godly characteristics but also physical features — like his eyes, his handsome good looks, his height, his hands, his dimples, his butt. Why not take stock of what you like about your husband’s body? I bet he’s got some sexy stuff you could note and appreciate.

Romance your guy. There’s a lot of talk about husbands romancing their wives, and that’s a great idea. But make your own efforts to stoke those romantic feelings for your husband. When you invest in flirting, dating, and stirring up the sexy factor in your marriage, you’ll start to see your man as well-worth your second and third glances. If you’re looking for romantic ideas, I recommend reading The Romantic Vineyard.

Nurture your sexual intimacy. Sexy is as sexy does. If you have satisfying sexual intimacy in your marriage, your husband will feel pretty darn sexy to you. What’s sexier than the man you love more than anyone else in the world bringing you to the peak of pleasure and melding his body with yours? Find time to be intimate, playful, and sexual together. If you follow God’s design for sexual intimacy, your definition of sexy will become the way your husband treats you in the marriage bed.

Yep, I’m convinced that, regardless of what People magazine says, my husband is the sexiest man alive. Chris Hemsworth, or any other celebrity, would finish a distant second.

Now tell me why you think your man is the sexiest man alive. And how can you cultivate that approach to your husband?