Daily Archives: May 4, 2015

Get Wise! An Online Conference That Can Change Your Marriage

I’m terrible at sales. I admit it. When my school made us students sell promotional products, I barely knocked on neighbors’ doors, prayed they weren’t home, and stumbled through my timid sales pitch. I really wanted to just buy the quota of products myself and avoid peddling my goods altogether.

Yep, hard for me to make sales pitches.

Unless I’m incredibly passionate about the product.

Then I feel like I’m not hitting you up for a purchase, but offering something valuable. It’s why I find it easy to ask you ladies once again to sign up for the Wisdom for Wives online conference. So here’s my personal invitation to you!

I’ve attended online conferences, and I was surprised at first how marvelous the experience was. You really can’t beat it for price, convenience, and value. I sincerely hope to see you on May 12!


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