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Get Wise! An Online Conference That Can Change Your Marriage

I’m terrible at sales. I admit it. When my school made us students sell promotional products, I barely knocked on neighbors’ doors, prayed they weren’t home, and stumbled through my timid sales pitch. I really wanted to just buy the quota of products myself and avoid peddling my goods altogether.

Yep, hard for me to make sales pitches.

Unless I’m incredibly passionate about the product.

Then I feel like I’m not hitting you up for a purchase, but offering something valuable. It’s why I find it easy to ask you ladies once again to sign up for the Wisdom for Wives online conference. So here’s my personal invitation to you!

I’ve attended online conferences, and I was surprised at first how marvelous the experience was. You really can’t beat it for price, convenience, and value. I sincerely hope to see you on May 12!


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8 thoughts on “Get Wise! An Online Conference That Can Change Your Marriage”

  1. hi! i registered yesterday! i didn’t get a confirmation email, just thought i’d check in …. i don’t want to miss out on this! (or early bird registration!) 🙂 happy tuesday!

  2. Hi J,

    Quick question. I have to be careful with what I read and listen to, as most of the marriage advice out there causes me to feel very badly about myself and my relationship (since I have an unusual situation in my marriage). So my question is, is this conference geared to the normal wives whose husbands have a high sexual desire for them, or is it for all wives? Would someone like me who struggles with feelings of ugliness and unworthiness due to a low drive husband benefit from this at all, or will it just make me feel more inadequate? I know you all do a great job to help women, and I’m in the minority, so I just wanted to get your opinion before I sign up.
    Thanks for all you do! I’ll be praying for your conference to go well.

    1. Only two of the sessions deal directly with sexual intimacy. I’m talking about improving sexual intimacy overall, and I don’t address sex with the typical assumption that he wants/she doesn’t want. I do talk about how we often don’t prioritize sex like we should, but I don’t think that’s a low drive/high drive issue so much as a too-busy-what-were-we-thinking? issue. The other sex-directed session is from Bonny of Oyster Bed, who is talking about when pornography enters your home. Bonny writes her blog specifically for lower drive wives, and I haven’t heard her message yet, but that’s not the topic this time, so…

      The other sessions are on all aspects of marriage. So yes, I think you’d definitely benefit.

      And by the way, I’m actively working toward having more resources available for higher drive wives. You are not alone, and it’s a problem that needs to be addressed more often, from a biblical standpoint. Blessings, B!

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