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Shall We Chat about Sex? A New Podcast for Wives!

If you read my free Christmas story, you might have noticed a mention on my dedication page about soon-to-be podcast partners. I kinda of jumped the gun on saying anything at all, because we weren’t quite ready to announce what’s happening.

But we’re ready now!

Sex Chat for Christian Wives Coming Soon!

Sex Chat for Christian Wives: The Naked Truth is launching on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017. This weekly group podcast will offer a biblical perspective of sex in marriage, thoughts on improving your intimacy, and practical tips for your marriage bed.

You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at how we crack each other up. While some topics are rather serious, other times we have a lot of fun with our subject matter!

While listeners only hear the audio, we quickly learned that we wanted to do a video call so we could see one another and better gauge when to speak. Plus, it feels more like a true chat when we can see each other’s faces. Here’s a screenshot from the last episode we recorded!

Podcast Screenshot with All Four Hostesses

Now that you also see our faces, let me tell you a bit about each of us and why this foursome will make for great content you’ll want to listen to.

Chris Taylor of The Forgiven Wife writes from her personal story and primarily for lower-drive wives. Her approach generally deals with attitudes and relational factors that prevent you from engaging fully in the marriage bed.

Gaye Christmus of Calm.Healthy.Sexy writes about more than sex, including helpful tips for your household and your health. Her angle of calmer and healthier living gives her a unique perspective on these factors that affect our sexuality.

Bonny Burns of OysterBed7 also writes for lower-drive wives, but she often addresses the physiological challenges many wives face, as well as the attitudes. She’s wonderful at breaking down difficult medical and scientific studies into useful information for our sex lives.

J. Parker of Hot, Holy & Humorous is me! I have my own personal testimony and a longing to be frank about sexual intimacy in marriage — the good, the bad, and the beautiful. Thus, my book, Hot, Holy, and Humorous: Sex in Marriage by God’s Design, gives some rather candid how-tos.

Foundationally, we four agree about God’s gift of sexuality for our marriages and the need to resolve outstanding issues and enjoy the experience. But when it comes to the how of nurturing sexual intimacy, we each bring something different to the table.

Ecclesiastes 4:9 says, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.” I don’t exactly what this means for two times two, but we know that together we four ladies are stronger than any of us would be alone.

And because we come from different places, this single resource can help Christian wives coming from different places regarding sex.

This single resource can help Christian wives coming from different places regarding sex. Share on X

So what should you do to tune in?

Check out our websiteSex Chat for Christian Wives. You can subscribe to our RSS feed or check out other places to find us like iTunes and Stitcher.

Follow us on social media: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. (We’re still learning how we’ll use those last two sites). We’ll post when new episodes have gone up and share other useful content.

Spread the word: Tell others to check out our page or follow our website and/or social media. Word of mouth remains one of the best ways for marriage authors, speakers, podcasters, and ministers to find new listeners for our important message about godly sex in marriage.

Ask a question: In some episodes, we’ll answer reader questions, so if you have something you want to ask four wives who write about Christian sex, this is your chance! Also, if you sent me a question and I haven’t answered, you can resend the question or tag me to move your query to the podcast pile. I still can’t guarantee if/when we can answer, but my personal queue is about 40 unanswered questions, so you can see that — as much as I truly care — I simply can’t get to every one of them on the Hot, Holy & Humorous blog.

Check out what my fellow podcasters have to say: My three partners have all written about this podcast today as well. Be sure to check out their posts:


Oyster Bed 7

The Forgiven Wife

Pray for us: New endeavors are always wrought with stress, but we are devoted to reaching out through this group podcast. We’d love your prayers that everyone stays in good health, that technology cooperates (mostly) with our needs, that our own marriages remain strong, and that Sex Chat for Christian Wives reaches those women who need to hear our content.

Mark your calendar for February 14, and join us as we look forward to launching this new resource for wives!

13 thoughts on “Shall We Chat about Sex? A New Podcast for Wives!”

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  2. I am looking forward to this podcast. My wife has always had issues with communication and sex. I have brought my own issues to our marriage sadly. But reading all these blogs have helped me understand my wife’s point of view better. It has helped me to use different communication methods to improve so many different aspects of our marriage. I have shared articles from the blogs to help our marriage. Thanks for all your work in this area, and getting to hear the 4 of you at one time. The insights will be amazing.

  3. I’d love it if you could come up with a different name. My kids use my phone often. I’m a frequent podcast listener, and I’m afraid it would inspire curiosity on their part.

    1. While I truly appreciate your concern, we went through a long discussion about names. We eventually decided to go with a title that conveyed exactly what we are about, both for clarity and to be easily searchable.

      I’m not sure what age your kids are, but if I had something like that on my list and my kids got curious, I might just answer that it’s a show for adults about marriage. To me, moments like that can often be handled with less fuss than we might expect if we just give a straightforward answer and move on. But of course, I trust that you know your family best.

      I hope you can find a way to listen! Blessings.

  4. This sounds exciting. I’m looking forward to it. I think the four of you together will make an awesome podcast.

    I’m also glad to hear it’s for everyone and not just lower drive wives. Although I’ve decided for 2017 I’m going to stop being jealous of lower drive wives, and start praying for them.

    I’m also trying to accept the ways in which my husband shows me love, and understand that being a higher drive wife doesn’t automatically mean I’m less loveable. Easier said than done.

    Looking forward to the podcast!

  5. Wow, this looks like a wonderful program to encourage Christian wives.

    I will be happy to promote it on my wives newsletter!

    I hope your ladies enjoy my blog posts which have the recent theme to stop the arguing and save marriages.

    You do a great work for women!

  6. Yay! I’m looking forward to listening! I am an avid podcast listener, and I am excited to start listening to yours!

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