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6 Ways to Score While You Watch Sports

Have you heard the term sports widow? That’s what they call a wife who receives little to no attention from her husband during one of more sports seasons. Some of you ladies are nodding your head right now.

Sports seasons can affect your sex life too. Either his sexual interest takes a back seat while he’s front-row fanning for his team, or he neglects the lead-up to sexual intimacy and wonders why you’re aren’t ready at the drop of a rah rah to get bedroom busy.

Mind you, some of you wives are the ones sucking in the sports season like slushie through a straw. And you don’t need to be neglect your sexy self either.

With the football playoff season, World Series coming up, and whatever else is going on — didn’t hockey season just start? — it’s time for some tips on how to keep sexual intimacy going during the sports season. And even tie the two together for more fun!

1. Kiss Every Time Your Team Scores.

Texas A&M University has long had a tradition that when you take a date to the football game, you are supposed to kiss him/her after a touchdown. That’s a good way to motivate fans to root for their team to put points on the board. If your team gets lucky, so do you.

Why not use this approach with your favorite sport and team? Let your husband know that you’ll be giving and/or expecting a kiss if and when your team scores. Then make it a worthwhile smooch, the kind that will having you both cheering on the team to score again … very soon.

2. Wear a Team Jersey—and Nothing Else.

Whether you watch the game with him, or just sit on the same couch and read your book or knit, show up wearing his team’s jersey and nothing else. For many husbands, that’s a good way to keep his eyes from being entirely glued to the game. After all, his gorgeous wife is inches away, looking and feeling sexy, which is well worth some divided attention.

If you want, you can give your husbands peeks from time to time, bending over just so to show off your cleavage, your bum, or something even more promising. Show him that you support his team, but even more … you want your husband to score.

3. Make Out During Commercials.

Do you really need to see another commercial for an automobile, beer, or Viagra? How about skipping those altogether and using the breaks for hot-and-heavy kissing?

There’s even something sexy about getting going and then having to stop when the game returns. With your kissing coming in spurts over the course of a couple of hours, you’ll likely both reach the end with breathless anticipation of what you can do together post-game.

4. Introduce Sexy Rewards.

Let’s say your team scores a run or a goal. What sexual favor does that get you or him or both of you? How about suggesting a sexy game to go along with your team’s performance?

Create a reward card defining out the team’s achievements will translate into something sexual for you two. Like this one for baseball:


Each of you can have a card and keep track during the game, to see what you two will get to enjoy later. You could also make him/her cards, with different activities for each. You could make your reward more romantic, more specific, or whatever you want. Make it work for you! Below is a PDF that you can print and fill in for yourself.


5. Play Strip Touchdown/Goal/Run.

You’ve heard of Strip Poker, right? When you lose a hand, you have to remove a piece of clothing. What if you played a positive version of Strip Poker, but with your sports team involved? Every time your team gets a touchdown, a goal, a run, or any other scoring achievement you negotiate, one or both of you remove clothing.

If your team has a great game, you’ll both end up naked by the time the final play happens. If not, you can look forward to finishing the task yourselves—which would be a nice way to soothe yourselves over the loss.

But what if you’re watching the game with other people around?

6. Tally Up the Score for Private Post-Game Activity.

You two can keep score without people around knowing that the team’s performance has an effect on what kind of sexual activity you’ll be having later. Make it something simple, like every time the team scores you wink at each other. Each wink is worth a kiss or sexual favor after the game ends and you finally get to be alone.

Or come up with a code word or phrase that doesn’t mean to them what it means to you. You could shout “That’s one for us!” with your friends/family thinking that’s one more score for the team, while you and your husband know that’s one more sexual activity for you two later.

After all, sports and sex shouldn’t be in competition with each other. They can both enhance your life and your bedroom. Just be intentional in making it happen!

I’ll be there! So should you. CLICK TO LEARN MORE!

12 thoughts on “6 Ways to Score While You Watch Sports”

  1. My wife tolerates my passion for my favorite football team. Either she goes to another room during the game or she will wear her earbuds watching a TV show on her iPad while sitting on the couch. For us, my watching sports does not impact our sex life. If she offered sex during the game, I would go for it.

    By the way, your ideas to spice up sex are awesome J. I hope other marriages will benefit from this! 🙂

  2. I follow sports, but I am not one to sit and watch full games, I have the feeling that with these tips, that is about to change 😀

    1. Hahahaha! I’ll have to think about that one, since I’m not really a gamer myself. BUT the rest of the family is… 🙂

  3. OK, I am late to the conversation, and since my wife and I never had a successful intimate relationship, my question may be kind of an outlier, but I’ll ask anyway.

    If there’s a shared interest in sports, might not introducing sexuality be disadvantageous? I learned a lot about Barbara by really listening to her when we watched NASCAR and NFL football (well, until the whole kneeling thing started; now she’s done with that). It was a side of her personality I had not experienced, and adding something else into the ix, so to speak, would have diluted the learning, and the coming-to-know of the person I’d married.

    Does this make sense, or does my situation so colour it that the viewpoint is off-the-charts weird?

    1. My mind immediately went to the idea that most sporting events are like three hours. Surely, there’s some time for a little playfulness and nookie here and there, especially when you add in commercial breaks. Wouldn’t there still be ample time to learn about your beloved outside the sexiness?

  4. I like the playing to win scenario.

    But lets say that the game turns into a pitching duel. We have 9 innings of baseball and both pitchers are throwing no-hitters.

    Anticipation to kiss one another is building for her and for me. We are willing to at least kiss with a walk or maybe a batter getting on base with an error or hit-by-pitch, but instead nothing is happening and now it is the top of tenth and both of us feel like we are stranded on top of the flag pole.

    Now we are treating ball 1 as a hit, ball 2 as a double, ball 3 like a triple, anticipation is intense as we await, when the batter swings and misses on a high and outside pitch, for strike 3.

    When our team (Mariners) finally scores the winning run in the bottom of the 12th, we decide to call if a grand slam.

  5. I’m probably in the minority here, but these suggestions would be more likely to irritate me rather than arouse me, though I don’t know that I’d call my wife a “sports widow.” Thankfully, she accepts that and lets me have “me” time.

    For that flexibility, I try to repay her by not going overboard with things; no more than two baseball games a week and just one football game on the weekends. No fantasy sports, and win or lose I let it go when the game ends.

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