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What’s So Great About Men?

Honestly, I didn’t get to writing a post on Hot, Holy & Humorous post this week. BUT I did write one for our new site for husbands, KHS Ministry. Chris Taylor of The Forgiven Wife and I recently launched this site and even recorded a podcast episode that will be coming soon.

Here’s an excerpt of the KHS Ministry post:

Two women writing about sex to men. By this point in our ministries, we already know what some husbands will think: Women are always blaming men. Women don’t appreciate how men are built. Women don’t even like men all that much.

However, these two wives — J and Chris — actually think men are pretty awesome!

Moreover, lots of wives find men to be rather wonderful, especially their own particular guy. Though what women appreciate about men may be slightly different from what you might think.

So from a female frame of mind, let me share what we wives think is so great about men.

His Strength

Cliché, right? But there is truth to it — strength is attractive to women. Yet it may not be the kind of strength you’re thinking of, the hard-muscled, manly-man stuff. Strength isn’t appealing unless it’s paired with tenderness.

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5 thoughts on “What’s So Great About Men?”

  1. There’s nothing great about me,
    but I don’t have to tell you that.
    Here, there is no glory;
    I’m fighting like a cornered rat.
    Cancer has me by the throat;
    that’s literal, for now I cannot speak,
    but nonetheless, I get a vote
    against that which the reaper seeks.
    Please do not romanticize
    this fight unto the bitter end;
    take what I write, that implies
    that I’m fighting here for you, my friend,
    to point the way to bravery
    found only in Christ’s victory.

  2. Right now I’m loving my husband’s emotional stability…not that I’m typically a hot mess in this department but I’ve had a stressful and emotionally draining few months of caring for an aging dog that we’ve had for 15 years. He loves her too in his own way but he’s told me repeatedly that he’s more concerned for me than her, and while to an observer his approach might appear callous I actually appreciate that he’s able to keep one foot in the outside world. His lightheartedness and talk about future plans reminds me that there is more to life and that it will go on. At the same time he doesn’t dismiss my feelings (even when I cry spontaneously over unrelated things) and makes himself available anytime I’m ready to talk. But the most sacrificial thing he’s done for me during this time is coming home from a 10-hour workday and sitting up with her most of the night so she doesn’t keep both of us awake. His mother has commented that I should be the one doing this as he’s earning a paycheck, but he understands my emotional exhaustion and that I need time “away” – and this also makes me feel protected. I’ve told him that knowing that he has my back every night is what lets me talk myself off the ledge when the sun goes down.

      1. And now he’s been comforting me since my lovely girl passed a few nights ago…making the arrangements for cremation, taking time off work to be available and reassuring me that I did all that I could for her (as well as refuting my second-guessing and guilt).

  3. Thank you for this! As a woman and wife, I feel we live in a man eating culture and it’s just not right. In order to have stable families, kids, societies we need to realize the value that men have in our society and families.

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