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Marriage & Mistletoe: A Free, Downloadable Christmas Board Game for You

Most years, I’ve given a gift to my readers at Christmas. This (totally frustrating, can we have a do-over) year, it’s been a bit more challenging to put it all together. So I’m posting this later than intended. But you’ve all been so nice, or properly naughty, or just here … that I’m happy to present Marriage & Mistletoe, an original, printable, Christmas-themed board game for you to play with your spouse!

The Game


Additional Tips

Your free download includes a game board and instructions. You will need to add game pieces and a 6-sided die.

I included items most Christian couples would feel okay about doing, while aiming to keep the experience hot, holy, and humorous. But there’s enough flexibility to make your interaction sweeter or spicier, as you choose.

Also, Spock and I—going the extra mile just for you—tested out the game, and let’s just say we both won. We hope you do too! ~wink~

Merry Christmas to you and yours! May you have an intimate season with your beloved and find peace and joy as we remember God’s best gift to us:

4 thoughts on “Marriage & Mistletoe: A Free, Downloadable Christmas Board Game for You”

  1. J,
    Love the board idea. But unfortutantly I don’t think it would fly at my home.
    Its Christmas Eve and my wife and I have not been intimate in over a month. I had business travel out of the country then some minor surgery. Our daughter just graduated college and will be home until Feb 1 when she moves out of the area into her own apartment. she was out of the house for a couple of hours yesterday and nothing happened. Later that night i try to snuggle with my wife. her response ” don’t get started”. she didn’t sleep well because her shoulders hurt and I suggested massaging them in the hot shower and that just got her angry. 1 she likes to shower by herself ( her alone time). We have a large double shower. She told me to that our daughter would be home only for a few more weeks. I don’t want to wait another 4-5 weeks. Its already been 6. It is my favorite feeling in the would just to have my arms wrapped around her body. I don’t need the sex just the skin to skin contact. I just don’t understand why this isn’t more of a priority

    1. I’m sorry, Steve. That’s rough. Have you tried to explain to her what sex means to you? That is, that it’s not about the physical release as much as the emotional connection expressed through physical means? You might ask her what kind of romance and connection she would like, what intimacy looks like to her, and how you two can each find what you need from one another.

      And/or get a hotel room overnight. 😉 Praying for you!

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