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A Little Instruction for the Kiss

Ah, the kiss!  That brilliant invention of our Creator that makes us check our breath, cock our heads, plant a big wet one, and hunger for one more.  Plenty of Christians writing about sex believe that the orgasm is proof that our Creator designed mating for pleasure.  While I agree, I would add that the …

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Pain & Pleasure

Here I am, along with other Christian bloggers, encouraging women to have great intimate encounters with their husbands, and some women continue to resist.  Because for some of you, when it comes down to it, intercourse is like inserting a serrated knife into your ear — or worse.  Sex flat out hurts. This is absolutely …

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Does Your Sex Life Need Coaching?

Whether you’re an aspiring Olympic athlete or a nascent little leaguer, the only effective way to improve your game is through good coaching and practice. It’s true with anything in the physical realm. If I step away from this keyboard, drop down, and attempt 100 push-ups, I will likely collapse somewhere between push-up number 29 …

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