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G-Spot or Me-Spot?

The Gräfenberg Spot, or G-Spot, was introduced as a newly found sensitive area inside a woman’s vagina way back in 1950.  Since then, it has received a lot of attention.  And why not?  It sounded like a perfect plan!  Find the G-Spot on a woman, and she is guaranteed to sparkle like a Vegas showgirl costume closet.

But in 2008 “the mythically elusive female G-Spot was captured on ultrasound for the first time. The thing is, only about 25% of the women scanned seemed to have one” (from The Essential Book of Useless Information). There remains a great deal of debate about whether all women have a G-Spot and whether it is necessary or desirable to have one to achieve orgasm.

Still, I’ve seen magazine covers in the grocery store line with headlines like “Your G-Spot: The Key to Maximizing Pleasure!” or “10 Secrets to Finding the G-Spot and Your Best Orgasm Ever!”  Sometimes books or magazines make it seem that the G-Spot is like the Fountain of Youth, the winning lottery ticket, or the most amazing archaeological discovery Indiana Jones will ever make — hard to find, but once you get it, you’re holding the golden prize.

I think I have a G-Spot, by the way.  But I could count on two hands the number of times I’ve been aware of it, while I could count the number of orgasms I’ve had on…well, I might need the audience of a U2 concert for that one (just kidding). 

The point, however, is that a G-Spot might be nice.  But what is FAR more important for most women’s pleasure is when your devoted hubby finds your ME-spot.  That’s the spot on you that makes you coo with delight.  And it may not be where he thinks.

Perhaps your map to the buried treasure would include directions down your smooth long legs to your feet, where he massages each and every tired muscle that you used walking in stilettos all day.  Maybe he should be making his way to your back, where a rub with scented oils would open you up to a night of delicious lovemaking more than anything else he could do.  Perhaps it is an erogenous area.  For instance, some women are very excited having their breasts fondled and kissed.  For others, the pelvic area is more sensitive to arousal.

The beauty of God’s design for a lifetime of committed sex with your spouse is that you have ample opportunities to find out what turns your partner on.  Rather than reading a magazine article claiming to have cracked the code for all women’s satisfaction, take time to explore one another.  Ask what your spouse enjoys.  Cater to his or her ME-spot.

When you show that you are willing to tailor your technique to fit your spouse’s desires, you demonstrate that you value them as a unique individual — one worth taking the time to get to know physically.  And that kind of selfless love sets the stage for the best lovemaking you can have in a marriage.  Whether you ever find your G-Spot or not.

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  1. I told Mr. Right one time that I think back scratches are my love language, and he said that I’d better never let anyone else scratch my back, then 😀

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