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How to Try New Sexual Positions

Some time ago, I wrote a post called Mission Position about seeking new positions for lovemaking. If you want to click over and read it first, I’ll wait.

I was recently in a secondhand bookstore perusing the shelves and, as usual these days, ended up in the sexuality section. I like to see what’s being published and read on this topic, especially those books written by Christian authors. On this visit, I picked up a book on sexual positions. (One caveat: I never open up the sex books with photography to illustrate.) In it were some interesting configurations, along with a drawing of a woman in a back bend and the man thrusting into her.

Seriously? A back bend? I’ve also seen a drawing of a man in a back bend with the woman on top. Who does that? Circus people?!! I was both intrigued and appalled that anyone would get into that position to have sex.

That said, there are a lot of sexual positions worth trying. Some provide more access to view each other, some more control for one partner or the other, and some provide different sensations. So let’s say you want to try a new sexual position. How do you know what to try? Besides a back bend (heaven help us all), what are the options?

What I’ve figured out is that all of those positions suggested in books (like the 64 positions of the Kama Sutra) are really variations on a theme.


Man on top. Face-to-face, husband on top, and wife underneath.

Woman on top. Also face-to-face but wife on top, husband underneath.

Side by side. A couple facing each other side by side.

Rear entry. Husband entering wife’s vagina from behind.


Lying down. Husband and wife are mostly lying down.

Kneeling. One or both are on your knees.

Sitting. The wife sits on her husband’s lap.

Standing. Both husband and wife standing up.


Crouched. Your torso is bent. For a wife, this usually means bending at the waist to create a shorter distance between entry and the end of her vagina. Bending in this way can increase the likelihood of her husband thrusting into her elusive G-spot.

Spread wide. The wife spreads her legs wide which gives the best access for viewing, touch, and entry. In this position, the husband may be able to go deeper into her vagina as well.

Legs together. When a wife keeps her legs together, it can create greater friction on the man’s penis and squeeze the opening a bit to provide more pressure.

Legs bent. One or both legs can be bent just slightly, moderately, or with the wife’s knees all the way up to her chest. Each configuration provides a different sensation to both the husband and wife. In particular, the knees-to-chest position can feel more intense and allow the penis to brush against the wife’s G-spot.

Legs up. Throwing your legs up in the air may feel awkward at first, but lifting the legs up changes the angle of the body as well. A wife can even drape her legs over her husband’s shoulders.

It is my contention that you can come up with all kinds of positions by simply playing mix-and-match here. Let me show you what I mean.

DISCLAIMER: I am a terrible artist. However, since I didn’t want anything too graphic here, I decided that stick figures would work just fine for my purposes. Thus, the following are my own pitiful renderings of the sexual positions. Nothing shown below should be attempted based on an erroneous belief that these stick figures are anything like the real you. But I tried.


So here’s your typical sexual position: Man on top, lying down, spread wide.

Now here’s Man on top, standing, legs up.

Well, that’s different.

How about woman on top, sitting, legs bent?

Rear entry, kneeling, legs together?

You see what I mean? You can achieve numerous positions just with these basics (and I am a terrible artist).

Also, wives, tilting your hips is another way to shift the angle and feel something different. For example, in that last position, the wife can move her chest toward the bed or ground and tilt her hips up to meet her husband. In the missionary position, she can tilt her hips up off the bed.

If you’ve never tried anything adventurous in this area, start small. Keep the other two positions as usual and change the third. For instance, keep direction and general position and change the angle. Or keep direction and angle and change general position. You get the idea.

By the way, many scholars believe that Song of Songs 2:6 is a reference to a sexual position: “His left arm is under my head, and his right arm embraces me.” It sounds like side by side to me, but it certainly doesn’t appear to be the missionary position (man on top). So I guess the Lover and the Beloved were a little adventurous themselves.

26 thoughts on “How to Try New Sexual Positions”

  1. Thanks for this! I too have seen some ridiculous positions! Granted I always have thought they’d be *fun* to try once, but the man says no. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks for this and for the encouragement to be a bit more adventuresome!

    1. Maybe the hubby is trying to avoid a hospital visit that would be hard to explain. LOL! Enjoy the adventure, Jasanna!

  2. I think you did great with your stick figure illustrations. Thankyou for this post! In may I fractured my spine so now we are having to do positions which are easy on my back its truly challenging but maybe through all the ones you mentioned we will find one!

    1. Yes, we do have to be a little creative when our bodies have some issue that makes positioning a challenge. I can’t believe you fractured your spine. Bless your heart, Amanda!

    2. My wife has back problems also. Here’s one position I thought I had “invented” until The Generous Husband described it and named it “The Clock Face”. It might work for you if you can lay on your back. It puts very little stress on either partner while giving good visual and manual access to both partners.

      Lay on your back with your legs draped over your husband (One over his waist and the other over his thighs or hips) who is lying on his side facing you at right angles to your torso. Let him put his top leg between your legs. You now have one leg over his torso and the other over his bottom thigh. His top leg will be lying across your belly. He will probably want a pillow to rest his head on so he can relax and enjoy.

      This position is so comfortable (unless your back problem prevents it) you could sleep like that after you finish making love.

      For the back pain, you might find help in Jim Johnson’s book, “The Multifidus Back Pain Solution”. I could go on and on about this but I won’t – only to say that the starting level of exercise he recommends involves no bending or back strain at all. Everything Johnson recommends is science based.

  3. Best position I’ve ever tried is me kneeling with my wifey on her back, I grab her ankles or heels (I love It when she wears high heels in bed, you should so do a post about that J lol) and pull it is so awesome. Another good one is doggie but letting the wife clasp her hands behind her back & use them for leverage. So much fun. Great post can’t wait to get home to my sexy wifey now lol

    1. Be sure to woo the wife a little first before you show her the stick figure illustration of what you want to do. LOL!

    1. I’ll have to think how I can draw and upload something. Hmmm. I called it crouching, but I guess it’s really bending your torso kind of like your curled up in a ball. Does that help?

    1. Ha! My hubby commented on the smily faces too. I should have added a tongue hanging out on one of male stick figures. LOL!

  4. Interesting that you would mention Song 2:6 today. My beloved and I had a ‘discussion’ regarding that position as a preliminary just last night (followed by some, um, ‘research.’) 🙂

  5. Great post, J! I think too many position books have some pretty ridiculous circus-type positions in them. That said, I’m generally not bashful in recommending the iKamasutra app for people wanting to experiment with different positions. It’s available on Android / Windows Phone, but not Apple devices. It includes sketches (not real images) and while some of the positions may be impossible for some people, others may bring a new level of visual or physical excitement to the bedroom.

    I’ll admit, some individuals may find the imagery distasteful, but I think for the $1.00 it’s a well put together guide on various positions. Just thought I’d chime in to share. 🙂 (Justin)

  6. Fun post as usual! I sent this post to my husband today while we were at work. It is always fun to share fun things like this during the work day as a stress reliever. His response was, “Too bad you already have lunch plans.” Thanks, J!

  7. “His left arm is under my head, and his right arm embraces me.” It sounds like it could be any number of positions, including the embrace that can occur with any number of the face-to-face woman on top positions. Of course, being that I’m essentially a WOT kind of guy I tend to automatically visualize things in a way that “fits” that template, which is the template I put that verse into when I first read it several years ago.

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