Month: November 2012

The Small Stuff Can Drive You Crazy

Today’s post is about Worcestershire sauce. I know you think you read that wrong. Isn’t this blog about marriage and sexuality? Did I click in the right place? Yes, you did. But one of the eye-openers about being married for a while is that the small stuff really will drive you the point of insanity …

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How Kinky Can You Get?

Today’s Q&A is a grouping of three short questions, which ultimately hit at how kinky can you get in the bedroom? Warning: This post will not be gratuitously graphic, but I will explain some possibly uncomfortable sex acts. Just so you know. All three questions were submitted by anonymous readers. I’ll take them in turn. …

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Be Your Husband’s “Sure Thing”

Do you remember being in high school and wondering if that guy across the room liked you? Or whether your teenage crush would ask you to dance at the school-sponsored ball? Or whether the date you had that young-love crush on would plant his lips on yours when you stood on the porch to say …

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