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How’s Your Sex Sense of Humor?

See that blog title up there. Yeah, up there. Hot, Holy, and Humorous.

One of my major tenets about marital intimacy is that sex is, well, funny. God must have a real sense of humor to make us get in that position and moan the way we do and then to throw kids in the mix and have us try to stay quiet and then have our bodies age and droop a bit and so on and so on.

Part of being able to truly enjoy God’s gift of sexual intimacy is embracing that it often will not look like a sex scene from a romantic novel or movie. Sometimes, it might look more like slapstick comedy.

But letting that lighthearted tone into your bedroom, being able to go with the flow and laugh together brings you even closer. It gives you and your hubby that wink-wink shared experience of lovemaking. I have a friend who can actually say to her husband, “Remember that time we set the bedroom on fire?” Yeah, there’s definitely a story there — a memory that they, and they alone, share and that makes them grin every time.

So today is a fun little QUIZ!

Yes, I’m a quiz girl. I love those “What kind of friend are you?” and “Which character are you?” quizzes. So I’ve come up with my own quiz below. It should only take a few minutes (just 6 questions), and results are immediate.

(One quick note: I’ve never used this quiz software before. You don’t have to use your real name, and it won’t ask for contact information. There may be ads, but I’m hoping and praying that they are appropriate. If not, please let me know!)

So what did you think? Do you agree with the results? How would you rate your sex sense of humor?

17 thoughts on “How’s Your Sex Sense of Humor?”

    1. Hmmm. I even tried it on a different search engine that doesn’t recognize me to make sure it works. Thanks for the information, Heather. I’ll do some troubleshooting. 🙂

  1. I received no errors, no ads, and it was fun!

    My answer was Keep that smile, along with 53% of others.

  2. I’ve not done the quiz yet, but goodness, I was smiling and laughing before I even got there! Yes, we have those stories and we have laughed so hard together. We will even laugh about the fact that as funny as the story is, we ought not tell anyone else! And of course, now with Little Man’s bedroom sharing a wall with our bedroom (apparently, who ever built this house didn’t not think about that…. but then neither did we until long after Little Man was born) we have to work hard to keep our laughter quiet. I’m off to do the quiz…

  3. While I was young, I never put ‘2 and 2’ together, but I remember my parents laughing in their room at times. I don’t know exactly if this is a sexual funny time, but I always remember this incident with them.

    I was up late studying and I heard Mom laughing hysterically. Being stupid, I asked, “What was so funny?” My Mom said “Your Dad’s leg fell out of bed!” (He has a physical issue where one of his legs has little/no muscle function.) So I don’t know how/why it fell out of bed but I’m OK with it being a sexual thing because my parent’s love each other and I’m sure their private time was just an extension of the love and tenderness they showed to us all. We jokingly said Dad should just get a wooden leg, after all, Mom has a cedar chest! Love those two! Almost 60 years of love together.

    1. (Same Anonymous)Thanks! My Mom is the youngest of multiple sisters and while some have lost their husbands (after 50-60 years of marriage), a couple are nearing 70 (yes 70) years of marriage! Her family has longevity in both years and commitment. I can only hope for the same blessings.

      And even though the muscle/nerve issues my Dad deals with took away his “ability” a number of years age, at 80+ he still shows love (as does Mom) in other ways. They are still sweethearts that laugh, smile, compliment and whisper sweet nothings (sometimes more than a whisper, just for us to hear I think). She brings him coffee and often sits on his lap just to snuggle. While not perfect by any means, they have been a picture of love through struggle. I’m a blessed man to have seen that my whole life.

  4. Yeah me I’m a fun person. I scored a “stop laughing.”

    Seriously, I love to laugh and my bedroom is no exception. Sometimes in the middle of the night we are just grinning and giggling so hard we have to be careful not awaken our daughter.

    One particularly funny moment is our honeymoon where we almost set the kitchen on fire. we still laugh about that after almost 9 years.

    Marriage is fun; for the most part.

  5. “When it comes to role-playing or using sex games in the bedroom, you:”

    D. Post a comment below asking for suggestions!


    1. I’ve got a guest post coming out soon about playing games in the bedroom. I’ll make sure I reference it here. We also enjoyed a game you can find online called Bliss.

      Role-playing? Not my thing really. But you can play roles, like artists painting the other’s bodies or sexy nurse giving a “sponge bath.” I do believe you should always be YOU in the bedroom, though–not pretending to be some other person to whom your spouse might be attracted.

    2. What about a fictional alter ego? I am against being someone who really exists or even a character in a movie, but what if it was someone fictional from my own mind?

      My DH is pretty vanilla in the bedroom and mostly just laughs at my efforts at a bit of fun, but even so, we’ve had funny moments.

  6. I think it is on mobile that the error message comes. I also got it on my iPhone. Will definitely get on PC layer to take.

    I too can say I caught the bedroom on fire, but I think our funniest moment was breaking the bed as newlyweds. That is until it began to do it while we were just laying there, then it was just annoying. We got good laughs though ESP when people asked why we were buying a new bed….

  7. Really funny story. We went to a nearby B&B for a getaway, and it had a queen mattress on a double bed frame with an extender. Well, we must have gotten a little too enthusiastic, because AFTER we were done having fun, the mattress started to slide. There was no way we could sleep in it (kept slipping to one side), so we tried the twin bed that was also in the room. That wasn’t happening, either (my hubby’s 6’4″ and I’m 5’10”). So finally we pulled the queen mattress off the bed and put it on the floor so we could sleep! It was kind of embarrassing having to tell the hostess the next morning that we broke the bed…

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