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Do You Pray for Your Sexual Intimacy?

What I week I’ve had! I’m simply going to start there. Between illness and moving my blog from Blogger to a self-hosted website, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. Don’t even ask about how clean my house is!

I’m diligently working to get the new site up-and-running by the weekend, so I’m pausing my Using Your Body for Marital Intimacy posts. Instead, check out the guest post I recently wrote for Unveiled Wife, where I’m a monthly contributor.


How to Pray for Sexual Intimacy in Your Marriage

Yeah, I totally get it. It feels so awkward the first time you pray about your sex life. Perhaps you prayed before marriage about avoiding sexual sin and maintaining purity.

But you’re legit now. God created sex for you — a wife in a committed, godly marriage. So once you’re married, it’s time to shift your prayers to inviting God to bless your sexual intimacy.

So how do you pray for sexual intimacy? Consider addressing the following areas:

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