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What Should Your Husband Wear to Turn You On?

There’s a lot of talk about us wives looking good for our husbands. I’m all in favor of that, but what about the guys putting a little effort into their appearance? What is your man doing to turn you on with his hottie body?

Here are some ideas for inside and outside the bedroom.

Suit tieSuit up. As ZZ Top sang, “Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man.” However, unless your husband works in a profession that requires donning suits, you’re not likely to see your guy in a jacket and tie all that often. Even so, look for opportunities to get snazzied up now and then. Maybe you two could have a semi-formal or formal date night, or maybe you should go to your cousin’s wedding after all and dance the night away in your super-sharp attire. At the very least, invest in a spiffy tie for nicer occasions. Maybe you could let him know that if he’ll wear the tie on your date night, you’ll wear nothing but the tie later.

Soldier hatUniform. You’ve heard the statement that women love a man in uniform. I’m not talking about a fast food t-shirt and cap, but along the lines of military, firefighter, or law enforcement. I believe the uniform appeals because it carries a sense of potency as well as sharpness. Men in uniform are seen as, well, manly, and their duds reflect extra attention to looking well-groomed. If your husband wears one of these uniforms regularly, my thanks to him for making the world safer. But for the rest of us, maybe you don’t need the whole uniform, just a hint of it for that manly man you married. Grab a uniform-themed cap or t-shirt or maybe just some camouflage pajama pants for your hubby.

Liam Neeson, Rob Roy
Liam Neeson in Rob Roy (1995)

Kilt. Bonny of Bonny’s Oyster Bed7 recently posted on the appeal of men wearing kilts. I tend to agree. Yes, some men think it’s a skirt, but to us women, No, It’s Not. Need convincing? Kilts have been worn by all these masculine men: Sean Connery, Ewan McGregor, Liam Neeson, Christopher Lambert, Gerard Butler, David Tennant, Hugh Jackman, Vin Diesel. Yes, Vin. Diesel. Unless you’re heading to Scotland anytime soon, you’ll likely need to purchase one online. But if you can get your hubby to wear a kilt, more power to you.

Undies. I’ve written about men’s underpants before, but the upshot is — if at all possible — hubbies need to retire the whity tighties. Yes, we know how practical they are, but wives would usually rather see their hubby in a pair of colored briefs or boxers. Or hey, how about silky boxers? Most wives do have an opinion about what undies they’d like their man to wear, and hubbies would do well to find something their wives like too.

Shirtless. But whatever’s on your husband’s bottom half, let’s face it, shirtless works. (Yes, I hear you hubbies are also in favor of shirtless. We know.) The male torso is so different in structure and shape that it’s a rather interesting view. Now don’t take this too far — this doesn’t mean that you mowing your lawn in nothing but cargo shorts or jogging through the neighborhood in Spandex bike shorts is what we want to see. I’m talking about what your wife might be interested in seeing in the privacy of your home. Many wives like to see their husband’s shoulders, arms, torso, and all the muscles there. (Love handles also acceptable.)

These are just some ideas, but what wives want husbands to wear is specific to each wife. Hubbies, ask her what she likes to see you in. And wives, share what you wish he’d wear (nicely, please).

Cowboy bootsAs for me? Well, I’m a thoroughbred Texan, and outside the bedroom, there is something about my hubby in a pair of well-fitted jeans and cowboy boots that makes my heart holler. Inside the bedroom? Well, that’s between me and the hubster.

Your turn. What do you like to see your hubby wear — inside or outside the bedroom? What should your husband wear to turn you on?

17 thoughts on “What Should Your Husband Wear to Turn You On?”

  1. I love when my hubby walks out of the bedroom in only his jeans and no shirt…something so sexy about that to me.
    But a year ago I got to see him in a tux for his daughter’s wedding and let me tell you — wow! He is a truck driver so seeing him in anything other than jeans just doesn’t happen so when he came out of the dressing room in that tux I just about melted!
    We laughed about it that night when I told him what a turn on it was to see him all dressed up — and thought maybe it would be worth the investment to just buy the tux! LOL

  2. Love this! I really like seeing my husband in a white button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled half-way up the forearms. I don’t know why. I guess because he has such strong arms. Its like the sleeves are enticing me to see more. I love it. And he knows it.

  3. Oh how I wish I could see my hubby in a jacket or suit more often. I do like him in a nice fitting pair of jeans and sharp shirt. My biggest gripe is that he likes looser fitting shirts, but I’ve given up trying to change that. And if I could burn his cargo shorts I’d be elated.
    I agree about the undies. I have him in colored boxer-briefs and love them on him.
    While there are many this I’d love to change about his wardrobe, I have accepted that he likes what he likes and I can enjoy other aspects of who he is and be turned on that way. … But when he dons those sexy jeans, I make sure he knows how hot he looks 🙂

  4. My husband looks great dressed up, but I have to agree–as a country girl, there is nothing quite like seeing my man in jeans and workboots. There is also something particularly appealing about a shirt tucked in with a belt. Or a baseball hat. Makes it tough to look away! 🙂

  5. I’m a born and raised country girl living in the city, and I must admit that I love my man in Carhart and work boots. When we first got married hubby was working in the oil field and came home wearing those all the time. I loved it! I didn’t even mind the dirt that it tracked in because he was so dang sexy 😉

  6. I agree with the comment about the rolled up shirt sleeves. I also love a pullover sweater. Something cozy and inviting there. Jeans that fit in a flattering way also rank high on the list. The cheapest brand may not do him justice. And last but not least, a Henley style shirt.

  7. DH used to wear kilts all the time but we never made love with him wearing one. He refuses to. :-/

    I love when he wears a size medium t shirt because it fits his form and looks so hot.

    Wranglers and boots, yes!

    A vintage suit…yes!

    But, my oh my that kilt! The first time I ever saw him he was in a kilt!

  8. Soccer shorts and the long soccer socks – so boyish and charming to me! And I love it when he is in nice dress slacks and a button-up shirt, so sharp and well groomed.

    Now I want to run home for a quick lunch break (my man works from a home office).

  9. I don’t know why, but seeing my DH in work jeans and boots and leaning over a car motor or sticking out from under the car always got to me. But I LOVE him in a suit and tie too.

  10. Fitted jeans and a black t-shirt to show off those muscles – mmm mmm!

    Also my hubby just started a job where he now wears suits daily and I can’t get enough.

    And for some reason, whenever my husband gets a fresh hair cut I just want to jump him when he walks through the door. And he doesn’t even let it get shaggy in between cuts!

    1. Nice!

      But I feel the opposite about my hubby. I like his hair right before he goes and whacks it all off. I’m like, “Hey, dude, you’re not a military recruit! Give me something to run my fingers through.” LOL. 🙂

  11. Agree agree agree!! My hubby is very good looking, gorgeous body. He’s a pastor so seeing him dressed up is a regular thing and I LOVE it. I also love him in a pair of jeans and a polo. Or shirtless! He’s just a beautiful man.

  12. Chaps – and not necessarily the cowboy kind! Husband here got a pair for when he’s using the chainsaw. They’re safety orange but they draw my attention to his butt and another certain manly area down low and center! 🙂 I teased him several times that he should wear them in the bedroom but he hasn’t taken me up on the offer yet!

  13. I love my hubby in fitted jeans. Although he doesn’t wear them often because he prefers the loose fitted ones. He has big muscular thighs so the loose ones fit better for work and he’s more comfy. But when he wears those fitted ones, I sure let him know how good he looks!

    I also love when he gets dressed up for weddings or special occasions! I love the nice button up shirts with the sleeves rolled up on his fore arms as well! (:

  14. I know I’m a little late to this conversation (too busy to read my blogs daily), I must admit that I do have my very own man in uniform!!!!! I remember always feeling a little intimidated before I knew my husband, but after it became the norm, I must admit that’s is difficult not to feel immense respect for what he does and what he represents. And, that’s HOT!!!!!! Just saying’

    Oh, and hello neighbor!

  15. I love my hubby in a baseball cap, rare occasion for him… However, it accents his facial structure so well, I melt!

    Also, under armour shirts… Anyone? My man in one of those fitted shirts must be what it’s like for him to see me in lingerie! It accents all his right places!

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