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Yikes! What Do I Get My Spouse for Christmas?

Holy Jingle Bells, I looked up and whoosh! Thanksgiving had passed, and Christmas shopping had begun.

Of course, if you’re one of those who finished your holiday shopping in October, kudos to you! And the rest of us do not want to hear about it.

But if you’re like me, one of the hardest people to shop for is your spouse. I’m married to one of those men who just buys what he wants instead of saving it up for a wish list. He should be on a first-name basis with the guy who delivers his Amazon packages. So when it comes to holiday season, I’m usually doing mental gymnastics worthy of an Olympic medal to come up with what to buy, wrap, and tuck under the Christmas tree for my man.

Yikes! What Do I Get My Spouse for Christmas?

Still, every year I write posts with Christmas gift ideas, and this year is no exception. Next Saturday, I’ll share a list with ideas of what to buy hubby, but for the time being I wanted to remind y’all of a few previous posts that might help.

Christmas stockingThis post gets shared a lot on Pinterest, and I’m happy to see it making the rounds again this year.

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What Does Your Wife Want for Christmas?For the guys, I had a few tips for what your wife might want.

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10 Sexy, Manly Items for Your Hubby’s Christmas StockingAnd another post on stocking stuffers for the guys. Which is odd, since my husband doesn’t even have his own stocking. (Nor do I.) But you can always wrap these gifts too.

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My Valentine’s gift posts also have some ideas you might like:

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Of course, with all of your holiday shopping, don’t forget to spend time with your spouse! Check out 10 Intimate Things to Enjoy for Christmas for some great ideas on quality time together.

Do you have a great idea for your spouse that you think others would enjoy? What do you want from your spouse for Christmas? What are your fabulous gift ideas for Christmas?

5 thoughts on “Yikes! What Do I Get My Spouse for Christmas?”

  1. LOL! YES! My hubby just went out and bought himself a couple of things I had in mind for him for Christmas. Every year I go through the stocking stuffer lists and he says no to almost all of them. Thankfully, in the long run he isn’t hard to buy for, but the items are EXPENSIVE, so that can make it difficult to come by on our pinch-pennies-until-they-scream-to-just-please-kill-them-already budget.

  2. My wife would probably spend $500 on a gift for me if I asked her too but the one thing I really want that wouldn’t cost a dime she withholds.

    1. I know there are others who are experiencing this situation as well. My heart breaks for you.

      I suspect to your wife, however, it does cost something. I wish she, and you, could discover why she’s withholding and address that. Your marriage deserves more intimacy, for the both of you.

  3. My favorite thing my husband ever gifted me with was a Twitter account he set up for me, which he uses to send private messages of “I love you because . . . ” he had actually started it a while before he presented it to me for Valentine’s Day, and that made it even better.

    I only wish he’d send messages more than a couple times a year. It’s a great effort for him to communicate even in a casual way with me, and a tremendous effort for him to send these messages, but when he does, it “fills up my love tank” in a way that I really need.

  4. A “praise the Lord I’m not alone” left my lips when I read this. As my hubby does know the UPS guy by name 🙂 I have found that while not particularly romantic getting things like toothpaste, new toothbrush, razor heads, shampoo, hair gel, food items he enjoys, and the like that he uses everyday are good stocking stuffers. They don’t go to waste sitting around and are practical which speaks to our “spock” like mates.

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