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Which Personal Lubricants Should You Try?

I’d love to write a post with recommendations on personal lubricants. Mainly because when I realized we should add a little lubricant to our lovemaking, I went to the grocery store and just stood there, feeling overwhelmed. How was I supposed to know which type of lubricant was the one to try? Or which brand? How was a naive wife to know?

It was like being thrown in the feminine hygiene aisle at the arrival of your first period — at least then I had my mother there to coach me on what “wings” were. However, I was not about to call my mom for advice on personal lubricant.

Which Personal Lubricants Should You Try?

So I fumbled around, tried a bunch of products, and figured out some things. Now that I’m writing this blog, I get to try even more stuff — some of it samples sent to me by manufacturers (thanks, Good Clean Love and Simply Slick!). All in the name of research. Riiight?

But I’ve decided my best research must include my fabulous readership. It would take me quite a while to try everything out there, but I have thousands of people visiting my site whom I can tap as excellent resources. (Thank you!)

I’m asking you to please take a few minutes and fill out a Personal Lubricant Survey. It’s a quick five-question form that’s mostly multiple choice. I suspect it will take less than five minutes to complete.

And it’s a way better use of your time than watching another YouTube cat video or browsing celebrity news to find the latest crazy thing Kanye West said.

You’ll be helping other couples out with your fabulous wisdom! Or maybe discovering a few things yourself.

Here it is: Personal Lubricant Survey

Just click on that link. The survey will pop up in a new window. Fill it out, and press the Done button at the end. That’s it! Easy-peasy.

I’ll take the information I receive, combine it with my own product testing, and give recommendations for married couples. Then you can confidently buy the right personal lubricant for your lovemaking.

Doesn’t that sound like a great plan?

If you want to know how to use lubricant, check out my Guide to Using Personal Lubricant.

4 thoughts on “Which Personal Lubricants Should You Try?”

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  2. We used lubricant on our honeymoon and for a couple of weeks after, because I was a virgin and had read we should use lubricant. Problem was likely that I let him apply it, which he did by slapping big gobs on himself and on me. I might have a better experience if we tried it again, with me in charge, but we do ok without it. We just take our time. And – I am past my change of life; you’d think lubrication would be a problem.

  3. I’m interested in lube recommendations for couples trying to conceive-I’ve heard that traditional lube can act as a bit of a deterrent for semen.

    1. We have used Sasmar Concieve Plus and PreSeed. Both were about the same as a lubricant. Don’t know if either made a difference in trying to conceive. Now for the praise part – After five and a half years of trying, we are now pregnant and due in September!

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