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Where to Shop for Lingerie

Sometimes, I get questions on where to shop for lingerie. People express concerns like:

  1. Finding sensual yet comfortable options
  2. Having a variety of sizes to choose from
  3. Not being exposed to scantily dressed women in ads or examples
  4. Not financing other problematic products

Admittedly, while Victoria’s Secret makes a quality bra, you cannot walk into that store without seeing models dressed and posed in provocative ways. And then there was the time I walked into a franchise lingerie and sex toy store, which had some nice options mixed in with who wears this? stuff…but the room in the back filled with porn movies made me back out of that place faster than a Fast & Furious race.

So what are some other places you can shop? Here are some ideas.

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Boutique stores.

Sometimes a local boutique store has great options, as well as sales personnel who specialize in helping you find something that will flatter your form. Living in the Houston area, I certainly know that a few such alternatives can be found here.

Given the size of these shops, they’re unlikely to offer a lot of options. However, the quality of what they sell tends to be higher, meaning that the lingerie will probably be more comfortable and durable. As well as pricier, as I’m sure you figured.

Department stores.

Your local department store isn’t likely to have super-revealing ads or posters, even in the lingerie section. And they will have a wider variety than boutique stores, both in styles and sizes. Cost will depend on what level of department store you go to, but you can likely find something in your price bracket.

Also, for those nervous about shopping for lingerie, it can be a little less awkward to walk into a big department store and then go into that section. That way, if your Sunday school teacher spots you, you can just say, “Oh, I’m here to get socks, but I just wandered over to this department.” Albeit, if you’re holding up a sheer negligee with a big grin on your face, he ain’t gonna believe you. #CaughtRedHanded

Discount stores.

Stores like Target and Walmart are not considered department stores, but rather discount stores. Yet they have lingerie sections. Personally, I like the convenience of shopping for groceries, office supplies, toiletries, and lingerie all in the same shopping trip!

Indeed, you might be surprised what you can find on the lingerie racks of a discount store. And again, you won’t find a lot of revealing images displayed. Plus, it’s a pretty safe bet that your purchase won’t break your pocketbook.

Online Christian Retailers.

In the last several years, Christian-owned online stores have cropped up to provide marital aids, intimacy resources, and attractive lingerie. One wonderful feature is they display lingerie items on mannequins, rather than live models. I like that — both because you can easily turn the screen to your husband and say, “What do you think of this one?” without giving him an eyeful of flesh and because it keeps you from comparing your body to the woman wearing the negligee.

I’ve looked at quite a few online stores, and I finally found one I’m excited to endorse: Honoring Intimates. Honoring Intimates has a nice array of options, a good spread of sizes, reasonable prices, and good customer attention. In fact, they actually remove the manufacturer tag and add their own tag with a Song of Solomon theme. Yes, I purchased from them and had an excellent experience all the way around. I encourage y’all to check them out for yourselves.

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Honoring Intimates is also a great place to find something for that next bridal lingerie shower you attend. Not only would the recipient get a lovely item, they would have that reminder that God is a proponent of hot and holy sex in marriage.

And if you want to learn about how to shop for lingerie, I have a section on just that in my book, Hot, Holy, and Humorous: Sex in Marriage by God’s Design. Check it out!

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16 thoughts on “Where to Shop for Lingerie”

  1. Omg…the Honoring Intimates website looks great – and the prices seem reasonable as well. Lingerie is a fairly new thing for me, as for years I told my husband that I’d buy some “if the body comes with it”; so to add incentive he told me I could spend “as much as I wanted” at VS (although I don’t think he realized at the time that VS carries athletic wear too :)). When I finally decided to buy some while shopping for new bras, I found that my main “beef” with VS was the lack of discretion; when I first went in for a bra-fitting, I think the customers out on the floor could hear my cup size being bellowed by the clerk assisting me in the dressing room. And after attempting to discreetly describe what I was looking for to another girl out on the floor, she left and came back waving a babydoll in the air, “Do you like this??” I wasn’t doing anything wrong or shameful of course, but as a first-time shopper (and a middle-aged one at that) I was still bashful, and I didn’t want to be providing visuals for the other customers (especially the men) either. Now that I know my sizes I can shop online, but it’s nice to have an alternative where I can both shop discreetly and have permission to splurge. Of course as I’ve pointed out to him, anything I put on only stays on for a few minutes, but apparently that’s beside the point…

  2. If I may be allowed a PS…one thing that I think is true, and that men should understand, is that lingerie is not ‘for you’; it may well be for a woman’s self-image.

    My wife does not want anything to do with my physically (and having terminal cancer, it’s OK by me). I was a mercenary and a hired gunman, and when she learned of my experiences, through attending counseling sessions with me for PTSD, she couldn’t really bear me touching her, and she deflects any kind of physical compliment I can give. I’ve learned to be circumspect; it’s a part of the love I have for her, which is all-consuming.

    It’s cool. I fought for what I believed was right, and there’s always a price. I’d do it again, because there’s no way to devalue kicking down a door and saying, “You’re safe now!” in Dari. And seeing people who counted themselves dead reborn.

    But she still likes to find nice ‘undies’; it makes her feel good about herself, and as along as my comments are neutral, she’ll accept my saying ‘that looks nice’.

    So, guys…what your wife wears…it may not be about you.

    1. Andrew, thank you for serving in the military.

      I think you are right that when a woman is wearing lingerie it can intimately give her a passionate mental boost, but in many cases I think she is also desiring stimulating the eyes of her partner as well as igniting certain passions in him.

      She might choose to wear lingerie in order to experience a mental rush, but she also wants her partner to experience one as well, which exacerbates her mental rush even more.

      I think your wife appreciates your “that looks nice” comment!

  3. Lane Bryant has very nice lingerie, including the sexy stuff, if you are a size 12 and up or have a DD or F cup. You can order online and try on in the store before you buy. Most stores won’t carry their full line.

    Fredericks of Hollywood does show overly sexy models, but their lingerie is ok for ‘occasional use’ – you know, on for five minutes, then back in the drawer for a month. I’ve only ordered online, don’t know what their stores are like but would probably not go into one. Their ‘large’ sizes don’t work well for me but their bras are actually pretty darn good even for everyday wear.

  4. I just looked at the Honoring Intimates site. Oh, heavens, they are offering the Hitachi Magic Wand as a marital aid? I’ve had one for years that I use on my back and shoulders. It’s like a jackhammer. I can’t imagine using it in a sensitive area.

    Also – I get my husband silk boxers on Amazon. Texera brand. All colors! Very sensual.

      1. Actually, Lynn, I double-checked, and the Hitachi Magic Wand is a standard item for that use in other stores. Not that I’m recommending it—just saying.

  5. There is an on-line company called ThirdLove. There are wonderful options for all sizes of women. And the bras come in 1/2 size cups. Beautiful,sexy without being overt, versatile, excellent fit and extremely comfortable.

  6. Don’t forget good ole! Personally, I prefer the broad, uncensored selection offered by secular sources, but they do have a nice site. Definitely safer.

  7. “Honoring Intimates is also a great place to find something for that next bridal lingerie shower you attend. Not only would the recipient get a lovely item, they would have that reminder that God is a proponent of hot and holy sex in marriage.”

    I wish this was a thing when I got married. Because we lived so far apart, his family and my family had two separate bridal showers for me. At the shower his family attended I barely knew anyone other than my future MIL and SIL. I opened a gift from my husbands cousin. It was a piece of lingerie that was so small I don’t think it would have fit a Barbie doll. It was way past the point of pretty and moving into trashy territory. I. WAS. MORTIFIED. I was able to keep my wits and smile and say “thank you” But I was incredibly embarrassed. Kinda wish the cousin had picked out a nice broom or bath towel instead. ?

  8. I like Soma a lot. They do have models on their website, but it’s not overtly sexy or provocative. They don’t have posters in their stores. They have good size spread and lovely spacious changing rooms without those gross halogen lights. But the real clincher is the material. Their stuff is so soft and really beautiful. Smells nice too. I even convinced my baby sister to get herself some things there before her wedding. She’s incredible shy, so it was more like really pretty Pj’s than lingerie, but that was quite an accomplishment.
    They are about 2-3 times more expensive than Honoring intimates. But the material, the quality and the whole shopping experience is just so nice. I don’t mind if I have to drive 2 hours once a year when they have their big sale (thanks VS for the semi-annual sale thing) to get me something pretty.

    If you want a real honest to goodness corset that actually shapes your waist/ gives you curves, Orchard Corset and Timeless Trends offer good of the rack starter corsets. You’d want to read up/ watch some of OC’s videos before ordering. You order real corsets off the waist measurement and you need to take your underbust and hip measurements as well as your torso length into account.

    Why would I give a bride-to-be, lingerie? Just no. That just seems like endless potential for embarrassment.

    1. Thanks! And lingerie showers tend to be for very close friends and family—small affairs with people who should know the bride well enough to know what’s appropriate to give her.

  9. One new site that is completely safe, and very classy is Mentionables, at I’ve shopped there once and love the fact that they have attractive but classy lingerie and no models (everything is shown on racks or mannequins). Their prices are reasonable as well, though not the cheapest in the business.

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