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What I Really Want to Say about Sex

What do I really want to say about sex? Not much today. At least, not to y’all.

I’m following my own advice and having a lovely, romantic getaway with hubby. So I just popped on here to say that if you’re looking for my Monday post, I suggest reading (or re-reading) one of my most popular posts: 8 Things I’d Say about Sex If I Had NO Filter (Heaven Help Us All)

But as for me and “Spock (my hubby)…

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4 thoughts on “What I Really Want to Say about Sex”

  1. I think one of the hottest things a couple could say to each other while being intimate, with near on no movements, is with the blankets and sheets over one another’s head while one reminding the other, how they are made for each other.

    Going so far as to saying to one another, “we choose to be with each other and no one else”. Then continue to go super slow until intimate urgency creates enough arousal for both of us to enter into the stratosphere.

  2. That’s great! Enjoy your time with your husband. You minister so much to us, I’m glad your taking time for you and your marriage. Have a fantastic, relaxing time!

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