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5 Tips for Shower Sex

Have you ever had sex in the shower? It’s not the easiest sex move ever, but it can be very enjoyable.

While this is often a quickie, because it is a strange space, it’s a great option to have in your repertoire: good for vacations where you’re sharing space with kids in the bedroom, good at home when your kids won’t leave you alone except in the shower, and good to just get busy when you’re both naked and thinking, “Hey, you wanna?”

But since it is a strange space, how do you really make this work? Here are some quick tips for making shower sex not only work, but pleasurable and satisfying.

1. Safety first!

Make sure you have some anti-grip something on your shower floor, because you don’t want to enter the ER trying to explain that injury. Not that they haven’t seen such things, but I personally wouldn’t want to be the story relayed in the staff lounge later.

2. Recognize that “sex” isn’t just intercourse.

Sex is the whole kit-and-caboodle, including hand-jobs, manual play, oral sex, and intercourse. If you can’t seem to make intercourse work, no worries! Go for the other stuff and enjoy all the sexy sex you can have in that hot and steamy shower.

3. Add lubrication as needed.

Water can wash away some of your natural lubrication, so you may want to add silicone-based lube or coconut oil. Water-based is likely to wash away too quickly.

If shower sex is in your repertoire, keep some close by! Maybe tucked away behind the towels in the linen closet, or in an unmarked container (assuming you have kids who might ask what it is) alongside your hair and body products.

4. Get into a good position.

If you’re going for intercourse, the best position is probably standing with wife facing away and bracing the wall, and husband entering her vagina from behind. But you may have to adjust with squatting, tippy-toes, etc. Another option is sitting down in the bathtub/shower with wife on top. But you can get creative with other ideas too!

Some of it depends on whether you’re in a traditional bath/shower, a larger walk-in shower, or the shower I totally want to have someday where it’s like its own room.

But with permission from the fabulous Christian Friendly Sex Positions, here are examples of positions that might work for intercourse and foreplay:

For intercourse, bracing herself against the wall.
He sits, she squats, rocking motions more than thrusting.
Another seated position for intercourse.
For her performing fellatio on him.
For him performing cunnilingus on her.

Whatever you try — and you can plenty more options at the CFSPs website — I recommended you widen your stance on your feet or knees a bit to keep your balance and use the walls for bracing as needed.

5. Start in the shower, finish elsewhere.

Be willing to get started in the shower and finish elsewhere if needed. Nothing says you have to keep plugging along if you’re having difficulty finishing.

You might have a wonderful time of foreplay or intercourse in the shower, but you need to move to the bed or even the cushy mat just outside the shower to complete the act. I can be extra sexy to move, dripping wet, to another location and make love there too. Like, “We do it here, we do it there, we do it everywhere!” 😉

Those are my quick tips. What have you learned about having successful shower sex? Share your tips below!

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22 thoughts on “5 Tips for Shower Sex”

  1. Good tips. Definitely need a lube! It’s hard for us to do intercourse in the tub as my husband is large and the tub is small. One time, his back literally got suctioned to the bottom of the tub. He couldn’t get up for a second, and later, he had an entire lower back suction mark! Haha!! I also dream of a spa- like bathroom with double-wide tub and two shower heads, but he said he would be mortified if anyone came over and saw it. ;-P

      1. Wouldn’t work for me. Wife says that her shower is. Her private time. We have showered together 3 times in 28 years of marriage. I haven’t stopped asking. I suggested a compromise that she join me during my shower time but she replied this wasn’t a compromise because it required her to do something she didn’t want to do. Space isn’t an issue Becca use we have large walk-in double shower.

  2. wow,, This is really hot and steamy.

    We haven’t had a shower together for awhile,, have to do it again soon, so thank you very much for the reminder!!!

    Last time, she came into the shower and playfully proclaim that she was there to help save energy cost and preserve water, as our water is metered,, haha.

    We’ll kiss and feather touch one another under the hot showerhead until we are so aroused and breathless that our lips are barely able to touch with only the tips of our tongues resting against one another.

    Then she might lower her mouth down and orally tease and surround the head of my manhood or I may sit on the floor of the shower and I’ll orally stimulate her clitoris.

    We use your option 5, “start in the shower and finish elsewhere” as my wife has a bad knee and it would be uncomfortable to experience penetrative intimacy in the shower.

  3. We only have a stand up shower in our house now, but used to do a standing position facing each other with my foot propped up on one side of the tub, Captain Morgan style ?

    1. what is captain morgan style? maybe this would be more comfortable for my wife’s knee.

        1. Ol’ Will,

          Thanks for sharing the link. haha

          Last night I decided to go on-line to check and see what the “the captain-morgan” position is and did discover the same pirate on the link you shared with me.

          Not sure if I’ll be able to fit an old drum of rum in the shower, not sure how Heather manage to fit one in a bath tub, unless it is a big Jacuzzi.

          Maybe I’ll suggest a little plastic stool for my wife to rest her left foot on. (and take pressure off of her left knee)

          But maybe not, as it may cause her left leg to cramp up, I think we will stick with J Parker’s option 5.

  4. My wife and i have not been in a shower/bathtub together in more than ten years. I asked about it a few months back and her response was “oh…, ya…, i never really liked doing that.” She has severe body image issues and doesnt want to be seen nude.

    1. Oh, that’s sad. I hope she can overcome those body images and come to enjoy the experience! Saying a prayer for y’all.

  5. We also share your dreams of a large walk-in shower where more intimate mischief can be accomplished! Maybe someday!
    We are fairly newly married with no kids. We are in the habit of showering together most days, which sometimes just achieves cleanliness, and sometimes leads to foreplay or intimacy. We enjoy a few minutes of relaxing, catching up, and being focused on each other without cell phones or chores distracting us. It’s one of my favorite times of day. (There is a standing disagreement about the appropriate temperature of water…but we get to practice compromise and conflict resolution ?)

  6. Extension cord or Pink Flamingo is usually quite successful for us. Shower sex is great for vacations like you mentioned. We particulary love it during camping trips. I feel gross for the entire camping trip and sex usually isn’t my desire then. But shower sex allows for us to get clean and go for it. The shower also hides noise better than a tent does 🙂 or if you’re camping with friends/family and have kids- you can leave the kids with them and still get to fully enjoy sex while camping! Win, win.

  7. All good tips but my wife doesn’t like to use our double shower with me. We have this double shower for 20 years and used it together twice. Wife says that showers are her private time.

  8. I discovered your blog about 3-4 years ago when I first started dating my boyfriend. Now we’re engaged, and I decided to come back to your blog because it’s been a tremendous help in us preparing for having Intercourse together for the first time. I’m not a virgin, but it’s been 5 years since I’ve decided to be celibate and he’s a virgin. We get married in December and I’m truly looking forward to buying your books! Just wanted to say thank you for having a site like this where Christians can reside comfortably and In a holy way. I’m 22, so naturally, I found myself reading cosmopolitan blogs about sex, but I didn’t really find the advice relevant to me. Again, thank you so much! ❤️

  9. I am pretty flexible, so I just bend over and touch my toes. We have a tub shower and shower stall and that works in the small or big space. Need to get a better lock on the shower stall bathroom as one time our five year old walked in looking for me. Thank goodness for frosted glass, didn’t even see me. LOL.

  10. God Bless You! Your blog keeps me in check when I have tough moments in marriage and feel tempted to explore empty fantasies. Sex is his design and he knows how showers can be enjoyed the best.

  11. Showering together is one of our favorite things to do and while intercourse is difficult, getting lathered up in the shower together usually leads us back to the bed to continue ourlove making. We both find each others soapy slippery bodies extremely sensual so we look forward to getting in the shower together. We both find water to be very sexy and skinny dipping or being naked in a hot tub with my the best

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