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6 Sex-Themed Gift Baskets for Christmas

Every year, I try to give you fresh ideas on what to buy your beloved for Christmas that promotes sexual intimacy!

For something different this year, how about pre-planned gift baskets, themed around sexual intimacy? You can give any of these to a spouse or a close friend.

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Wet & Wild

The shower is both a fun and a challenging place to have sex. And by sex, I mean the whole enchilada—not just intercourse, but sexual activities that work well in the shower. Here are some items you can throw into a shower sex basket:

Sex On-the-Go

Planning a trip over the holidays? Or having guests come to your home? How about a basket with items for sex while traveling?

Oral Delights

Our mouths can kiss, lick, suck, and nibble, so why not a gift basket devoted to their sensual delights!

Melt Me Massage

There’s nothing quite like a massage from your honey. But you need the right stuff to get going. Try these:

Santa Baby

No need for your baby to “slip a sable under the tree.” Instead, try these sexy Santa items for a holiday night of intimacy.

Song of Songs Sensuality

And from the book of the Bible that encourages us to be more romantic, more intimate, more passionate…here’s some Song of Songs inspiration:

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5 thoughts on “6 Sex-Themed Gift Baskets for Christmas”

  1. Call me thoughtful and romantic,
    faithful spouse and stalwart friend.
    Remember when we watched ‘Titanic’,
    how hard I laughed at Leo’s end?
    Remember our first married Christmas,
    first one spent as man and wife,
    and the gifts you got that couldn’t miss:
    five-cell torch and Bowie knife.
    Your example so inspires me,
    you truly are my shining star;
    last year, that you may drive pretty,
    I put spinning rims upon your car.
    Coming up, now, for your Christmas fun
    I’m building you a Gatling Gun.

  2. I was wondering if you knew of any Canadian websites? I really don’t want to bring anything across the border and they won’t ship to Canada.


  3. I was meaning Christian marital aid stores. Definitely don’t want to search Amazon. My kids go on my account.

    1. I’m so late with this information! But I finally got around to looking things up, and the only Christian-based company I can recommend that ships to Canada to The Pure Bed. Married Dance may be shipping to Canada soon as well, but their site has not confirmed that yet. Hope that helps!

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