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Could You Use Some Marriage Humor?

I’m a big believer in both observing the natural humor of life and introducing it into your life. Humor is good for both you and your marriage, as it’s been shown to:

  • lower stress levels
  • improve immune response
  • sharpen cognitive ability
  • increase relationship satisfaction

A couple of cautions, though: Humor can make things worse if you’re using it as a way to avoid dealing with issues that require your attention or if you’re laughing at rather than with your spouse.

With that in mind, today I’m sharing a few video clips from Dry Bar Comedy, a YouTube channel and app where you can watch clean comedy clips and specials. Maybe you can sidle up to your spouse, watch, and laugh together.

P.S. I have no control over ads that show up as you’re watching. I don’t think anything problematic will appear, but just in case, I want to let you know it’s YouTube, not me.

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5 thoughts on “Could You Use Some Marriage Humor?”

  1. My husband will be right there with the one about showering together! Thanks for this…we had not heard of DryBar before.

  2. What a wonderful resource you’ve provided here!

    I offer humour to my wife,
    just by being me;
    she says the way I look at life
    is funny as can be,
    in mixing in weird condiments,
    with, “Here, come try a bite!”
    and thinking Paris residents
    should be called Parisites.
    I once sang, “I Feel Pretty”
    in the Walmart produce aisle,
    receiving looks of pity,
    but from Barb I got a smile.
    While I’m forever immature,
    my wife calls me her Sorrow Cure.

  3. Hi J,
    I have been thoroughly enjoying your blog, along with eight (still amazed that there are so many Christian blogs about sex out there!) other sex blogs since quarantine began for us last March.
    I started my “quest” for help in one area of my marital intimacy on Pinterest of all places. (And no, I don’t have an entire pin board devoted to sex, because I’m a Southern lady and I can’t have all of my friends and followers thinking I’m obsessed, but now, after learning so much, I feel like I should be promoting and campaigning for better sex in Christian marriages!)
    On behalf of my husband and myself, thank you for stepping out and shedding light (especially God’s light) on marriage and ultimately intimacy in marriage!
    Back to the subject at hand though, I love laughing with my husband. We laugh at our own inside jokes, it’s fun to laugh with our kids, we enjoy watching comedy shows together (however, my husband sometimes has to explain jokes and certain types of humor with me), and yes, even when we are intimate.

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