Resource Roundup: January 2021

This year, I’ve decided that the post on last blogging day of each month will be a roundup of marriage and sex resources. I’ll include links to recent posts here, but also:

Let’s kick off with January and some great stuff! Scroll through to find what you might have missed or your next great resource for marriage.

This Month on the Blog

  • What If Your Husband Is a Bedroom Bully?
    Previously, we talked about husbands who force, demand, pressure, or intimidate a wife into having sex. What can you do with a bedroom bully?
  • You Are Not Your Husband’s Sex Toy
    Some husbands insist on having sex HIS way—with his timing, his repertoire, and his pleasure. Wives, you are not your husband’s sex toy. Let’s talk about it.
  • Honest Answers to Questions About Sex
    Looking through old resources, I came across interview questions from 2016. Sharing what I found with some honest answers about sex!
  • Resource Roundup: August 2021
    Let’s round up some more great marriage resources! Be sure to note the upcoming online conferences and my workshop topics.
  • How Do You Respond When Challenged?
    How do we respond when challenged—by a friend, pastor, author, counselor, or spouse? Usually not well—but here’s a better way!
  • What Esther’s Story Teaches Us About Sexual Consent
    Esther’s story hit me differently this last time I studied it, and it made me think about sexual consent. She had no choice, but we should.

From Sex Chat for Christian Wives Podcast

From Knowing Her Sexually Podcast

My Post at KHS Ministry

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A Few Great Reads Elsewhere

Recommended Resources & Products

I recently discovered Bible Project, an online resource with videos, Bible studies, a podcast, and more. My husband and I have been using their material to study together, and it has increased our spiritual intimacy. (P.S. When you work on one kind of marital intimacy, it tends to positively affect the others areas or intimacy.) As always, with any resource, you may disagree with something, but overall we’ve found it to be an authentic and in-depth attempt to discover the truth of God’s Word and the character of God Himself.

This past year, my daily wardrobe has primarily consisted of t-shirts and yoga pants (I promise, my yoga pants are not too tight and my t-shirts are long, so I’m still plenty modest). The t-shirts I keep turning to are two that I got from Married Is Great:

I love their simple design, the tailored yet loose sizing, but mostly the comfortable cotton! Spock also wears his Married Is Great shirt quite often, and my grown-and-married son loves his hoodie! Check ’em out. (And yes, this is an affiliate, but I don’t recommend products I haven’t checked out and like.)

What J’s Up to These Days

I always want to answer the question, “What are you up to?” with “About 5-foot-four.” Because I like even stupid humor apparently. ~grin~ But here’s what I’m actually doing that you might want to know about.

  • Taking a college/grad level course on human sexuality from the Institute for Sexual Wholeness, the organization that certifies Christian sex therapists (like my friend Dr. Jessica McCleese).
  • Trying to get my too-large-for-two-people house ready to sell. Which was the plan for 2020, but of course got pushed to 2021.
  • Troubleshooting my health problems, which include a diffuse array of symptoms that have frustrated me in one way or another since October 9. I’m better, but still working on some issues. Prayers for wisdom, answers, and healing appreciated!

Biblical Inspiration for the Coming Month

The verse that I’ve been hanging out on a lot lately is this one. Food for thought: How does this apply to the way we treat our spouse?

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