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Saying Goodbye to a Dear Friend’s Husband (and a #GivingTuesday Request)

Chris Taylor has been my colleague, podcast partner, and dear friend for several years. She began blogging not long after I did, and we engaged online and then decided to collaborate with two podcasts, Sex Chat for Christian Wives and Knowing Her Sexually. Her resources are top-notch, and her friendship has been an absolute treasure to me.

So, when her husband decided to have a major surgery to address some health issues he’d been dealing with, I was glad he was taking that step. Chris and ” Big Guy,” as she called him, deserved to have many more years together. Unfortunately, he wasn’t recovering after the surgery, so they eventually had to take him back to the hospital. Things had looked grim, but he was improving and expected to be okay in a few weeks or months.

That all changed the day after Thanksgiving. Big Guy experienced multiple cardiac arrests and could not be resuscitated. He died on Friday morning, November 24.

Farewell, Big Guy

Chris and Doug Taylor were married for 32 years and have three grown children and one grandchild. Sadly, I never met him. But I knew a lot about him! Chris and I have shared a lot about our lives with each other, from major goals to minor details. And most of what Chris wanted for her life involved her husband. Even if he did drive her a little nuts at times, she loved him deeply. And she loved telling the story of how they turned their marriage around from distant and contentious to close and supportive.

Doug was especially supportive of Chris’s marriage ministry. He supported her retiring from teaching to pursue this passion more fully, he cheered her efforts and successes, and he even appeared on three early episodes of Sex Chat for Christian Wives with a few other husbands to discuss the importance of sex, a wife’s beauty, and men’s sexuality. Without Doug Taylor, The Forgiven Wife, Honeycomb & Spice, Sex Chat for Christian Wives, and Knowing Her Sexually wouldn’t have happened. Their marriage was her inspiration, and he encouraged her ministries.

To say he’ll be missed is an understatement. He leaves a gaping hole in the lives of those who knew and loved him.

Sending Your Condolences

So many of my readers also know and appreciate Chris Taylor and her ministry. If you want to share your heartfelt sympathy, feel free to comment below and I’ll gather your messages and share them with her at the proper time.

But as you might imagine, Doug’s unexpected death also drastically disrupts the family’s financial situation, right when they have additional expenses. To help Chris get through this trying time, the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association has put together a GoFundMe. If you can help out in any way, large or small, just click below to head to that page and donate.

If you want to know more about Doug Taylor, aka Big Guy, here are a couple of relevant posts from Chris’s first blog:

12 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to a Dear Friend’s Husband (and a #GivingTuesday Request)”

  1. I obviously don’t know either of them, but I listened to the podcast often and felt as though I knew each of you and your spouses. I know enough to be sure that Chris loved her husband, and was a great wife to him.
    So sorry to hear this, and I will pray for all of you in this time of difficulty.

  2. I was so, so sorry to hear of this happening. I am praying for all involved–especially Chris and her family. May God comfort as only he can.

  3. My sincere condolences to Chris and her family. I listened to the podcast enough to know that this is a huge loss. I cannot fathom the pain but I know someone who can and I am praying that He will draw this family close and fill their lives with peace in this heartbreaking time.

  4. I am so saddened to hear this. I shared this blog post with my husband. Chris’ words of wisdom and humor in Sex Chat for Christian Wives is familiar even if I don’t know her. I pray that God would strengthen her ministry and show her the way through, when her passion was helping marriages thrive. As my husband and I navigate challenges I will hold on more tightly in light of this news. Praying for Chris. She is blessed to have you and Gaye and Bonnie as comforters and cheerleaders in her life ahead.

      1. J,
        So sorry to hear about Chris’s husband. Prayers for her at this very difficult moment 🙏 and for all those close to her.

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