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Slap-worthy Practices in Marriage…and Better Options

From time to time — in personal conversation, through my blog, or on Twitter — I hear of spouses who are completely blowing it in the area of marital intimacy. I’m not talking about the spouse whose approach or skills could use tweaking. I’m talking about that selfish husband or wife whose actions are destroying

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Facts and Figures

It’s no secret that many women have body image issues. Sometimes, when we look in our mirror, it seems as if someone replaced it with a carnival mirror; what else can account for those bulges and crinkles staring back at us? So what are the perfect measurements for a woman?  I checked out the measurements

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Getting Older, Having Sex

Everyone over 30 understands the quote “Youth is wasted on the young” by George Bernard Shaw.  I look at flat-tummy teenage girls who actually look good in skinny jeans and think, “Good luck with that in twenty years!” Of course, some of them will still look fabulous.  (Demi Moore is beyond explanation.)  But they won’t

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