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10 Ways to Keep Cool While Heating It Up This Summer

Summer is a’coming! Although for some of us who live in warmer climates, it seems to already be here.

While you want your marital bedroom to remain steamy over the summer, you probably don’t want to feel like a sauna’s inside your skin. After all, there’s that classic song, “Too Darn Hot”:

“According to the Kinsey report,
Every average man you know
Much prefers his lovey dovey to court
When the temperature is low.
But when the thermometer goes way up
And the weather is sizzling hot
Mr. Pants, for romance, is not.
‘Cause it’s too darn hot.”

I doubt many husbands (and plenty wives) would turn down sex with because they’re a little on the warm side, but here are some tips for keeping cool while you heat it up this summer:

Male and female hands reaching for ice in bucket

Take a cool shower or bath together. I recently wrote about Showering and Bathing Together: Why You Should Try It. However, I didn’t mention in that post the benefit of cooling off together in water. Turn on your faucet and get in the cooling water before or after making love. Either way, you’ll cool down your skin and feel refreshed.

Turn on the fans. Yes, this one’s simple, but have you ever done it? Maybe you have a ceiling fan you could turn on high or a few fans in the house you can arrange around your bed. Maybe you could set up the cool windy spot, and then invite your husband to where you wait — your negligee and hair flowing breezily around you as your body tickles with the cool sensations.

Get a cooling massage oil or lotion. You can actually buy a massage oil or a lotion that boasts cooling properties. Or try coconut oil, which has also been reported to be cooling. Mint oils and aloe vera gels/lotions also seem to have a cooling effect. Then massage it into your man, and ask him to do the same for you.

Go outside and find the breeze. Forget the fan and find a breezy spot outside. Make sure you select someplace private, but a cool outdoor breeze blowing over your skin is a lovely sensation. It can awaken your senses more and make lovemaking an unforgettable experience.

Grab some ice cubes or an ice pack. I still remember being in high school and several friends seeing a movie called 9 1/2 Weeks; they came back talking about a particular scene in which a guy rubs his gal’s body with an ice cube. I never saw the movie and do not plan to, but I do understand the appeal of something icy and its potential awakening effect on one’s skin. You could do anything from rubbing ice cubes on one another’s bodies to putting an ice pack behind one’s back or neck or between her breasts or on his or her tummy.

Chill your sheets or pillowcase. Spray cold water onto your sheet to get it mildly damp. (If you accidentally overdo the damp, toss the sheet into a short cool cycle in a clothes dryer for a few minutes.) Or seal your sheets or pillowcase into a plastic baggie and place it in the freezer for an hour or so before going to bed. Keeping you two on colder sheets or a pillow will help keep your skin cool.

Grab the cold foods or drinks. Plenty of couples incorporate eating and drinking into their lovemaking time. You can do the same, but making sure you grab the colder stuff. Chill some champagne or make a milkshake for two. Get the refrigerated can of whipped cream. Hey, bring watermelon and try spitting seeds into one another’s navels. Whatever sounds fun and cool to you!

Go satin — or at least cotton. Satin sheets feel cool to the skin, and their slinky texture can also awaken your skin’s senses. If you don’t have or want satin, make sure you’re at least using cotton sheets. Cotton fabric “breathes” better, keeping too much heat from getting trapped into bed with you.

Play a sexy water gun game. You know those little water pistols you can buy at your local dollar or discount store? Get a couple of them and play a sexy water gun game with your spouse. You can go at a few different ways. One, have a wet t-shirt or nightclothes game: Both of you come to the bedroom wearing white t-shirts, or your sexy jammies, and once the fabric is soaked through, you “lose” — meaning you have to take it off (which is really a win, right?). Two, take turns spraying each other’s bodies and then rubbing or licking off the water there. Three, take turns squirting your own body with water where you want to be touched or kissed, and then let your spouse take care of that for you. Or improvise something else! You may want to put a towel down on your bed, but this can be a fun, sexy, cooling activity.

Throw your own mock winter party. Buy a few winter party decorations, hanging up snowflakes and snowmen. Use a peppermint spray air freshener. Play Christmas intimacy songs. Get some fake snow and sprinkle it on your bed or have a snowfall fight with your spouse. Creating a winter scene can conjure up memories of the cold, which (with our powerful brains) can translate into feeling cooler, even if the temp is nearly scalding outside. If you want to really get the freeze on, you can even plant ice cubes right in front of a fan so that a chilly wind hits you both as you make love.

So there are 10 ways to keep it cool while you’re heating things up in your marital bedroom.

What ideas do you have? How do you stay cool in the summer?

 My beloved spoke and said to me,
“Arise, my darling,
my beautiful one, come with me.
See! The winter is past;
the rains are over and gone.”

Song of Songs 2:10-11

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  1. A good air conditioner in the bedroom is a must. Not sure about this year since hubby has had a sort of awakening, but in years past, he would turn down sex for most of the summer stating it was too hot.

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