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Dedicating This Love Song to My Hubby

Remember listening to the radio and people calling in to dedicate songs to their loved ones? The Romantic Vineyard marriage blog is currently hosting the Love Song Dedication to My Spouse Contest.

For the contest, entrants write or video what they would want a radio host to read to their spouse on air and include a link to their chosen love song and artist. There are more contest rules and details on the website, but I love this idea.

Dedicating This Love Song to My Hubby

Here are just a few possibilities for my list:

Somewhere during our engaged/early marriage days, hubby started singing (a little off-key) a song for me at random times: You Are So Beautiful to Me. I love the sentiments within, but I confess — I’m not a Joe Cocker fan, so I’m sharing a version by the man who co-wrote the song, Billy Preston (a duet with Ruth Jacott). This song is great for slow dancing!

I could get realistic about the journey of marriage — learning to live with someone who is not like you in every way and unlike you in some very annoying ways — and suggest Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off. It’s been recorded by many singers, but who doesn’t like a bit of Harry Connick Jr. (from one of my favorite movies ever)?

Or hey, I could simply hearken back to my college days and suggest this straightforward song from Sinead O’Connor: I Want Your Hands on Me. Yeah, that’s true of how I feel about my husband.

But without a doubt, I know my favorite love song. It’s a standard, written by George and Ira Gershwin, and performed many times through the years. However, I’m a huge Gene Kelly fan, and I first fell head over heels for the song in An American in Paris:

[Incomplete video, but it’s the best one I could find…]

The song has become even more beautiful and meaningful for me, because it matches how I feel about my husband, Despite the hardships and odds being against us at times, our relationship has stood the test of time. We are here to stay, because we’ve decided to be. We make that commitment, prioritize our relationship, and pursue intimacy.

What should the DJ say in the introduction?

I dedicate this song to Spock,” my loving husband of more than 20 years. We may not be typical in many ways, and plenty of times it would have been smarter to bet against us. We brought baggage into our marriage, had different expectations, faced plenty of challenges, and thought sometimes we wouldn’t make it. But God’s grace and our persistence have brought us to a place of deeper love and joy. You are the only one I want, the only one I love — and our love is absolutely here to stay.

Your turn. What song would you dedicate to hubby? Or wife? Be sure to share your pick with your spouse! (And you’re welcome to borrow any of my suggestions for your choice or just to get things started this weekend. 😉 )

Also, be sure to head over to The Romantic Vineyard to check out their contest!

9 thoughts on “Dedicating This Love Song to My Hubby”

  1. 25 years ago, I did dedicate a song on our oldies station for my wife to hear. The song was “Oh, How Happy”, by Shades of Blue. It is still “our song.”

  2. Our song– almost 40 years ‘ Twevleth of Never’ Barry Manalow.
    My wife loves it when I sing this song to her.
    It’s a love that’s meant to last forever.

  3. It would have to be Dustin Kensrue’s “Of Crows and Crowns”. My husband makes me feel that these words are true every day. “My love how beautiful you are/my love is ever where you are.”
    It was nearly our first dance song at our wedding September 13, 2015, but John Legand’s “All of Me” won out. ?

  4. great post, J 🙂
    mine is absolutely Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey. it reminds me of all the beautiful memories me and hubby have shared and all the great days that are yet to come.

  5. Probably no one remembers an old Cowsills song called “That’s my time of the day”. It’s a corny song, but I like it:
    The sun comes up
    and awakens the flowers
    and turns the sky to bright blue.
    I love the morning,
    it’s peaceful and quiet,
    I love to spend it with you.

    Anytime I’m with you,
    That’s My Time Of The Day
    Anytime I’m with you,
    Day or night, Night or day,
    Ev’rything turns out O.K.

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