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Role Play, Movie Sex, and More Questions…Answered

It’s time for another Sex Chat for Christian Wives podcast episode. This one is the first time my schedule allowed me to participate in answering listener questions. Here’s what we tackled this time around:

  • Does anyone really have sex like they do in the movies?
  • Is role play okay in a Christian marriage, even if it involves imagining something that would be wrong to do in real life?
  • How can an older couple maintain sexual intimacy?
  • Is it sexual when my husband says he enjoys looking at other women’s feet?

Interesting stuff, right?

This podcast has become one of my favorite activities, because (1) it gives me another avenue to reach out to wives, (2) I get to talk about one of my favorite subjects with three of my favorite bloggers, (3) I recognize the value of four Christian wives sharing foundational beliefs about sexual intimacy but coming at it from different histories and angles, and (4) we provide an example of how women can speak personally and authentically about sex in marriage with a biblical perspective. We pray that conversations like this become the norm in churches, where wives can find help, encouragement, and hope for their marriage bed.

Okay, all that mushy stuff aside, here’s the latest. Just click on the image, and it will take you to our website page where you can listen to the episode.

For Christian Wives - The podcast team answers listener questions


5 thoughts on “Role Play, Movie Sex, and More Questions…Answered”

    1. Headphones, headphones, headphones! 😉 We do keep our episodes short, around a half-hour, which we believe most moms can grab while their kids are asleep, while they’re getting ready in the morning, while doing laundry, while driving to work, etc. Hope you can tune in sometime!

  1. I listen faithfully and sometimes hubby listens as well. We have had some great conversations. Thanks for being so down to earth, normal, and easy to relate to!

  2. I listen faithfully as a guy. One thing about being a Christian household and the ladies being believers, the kids won’t hear anything explicit. Our kids are under 4 but if I had pre-teen and up I would definitely play in the house (and car) to facility conversation.
    Just me as man and dad.

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