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What about “Breast Sex”?

Don’t know what “breast sex” is? It’s a term used to describe the husband rubbing his penis between his wife’s breasts. It might lead to ejaculation, or it could just be for the arousing experience itself, but it’s a sexual activity some couples enjoy.

Why does breast sex excite husbands?

This just in, ladies: Men like breasts. Oh wait, you already knew that? Of course you did.

And the fabulous things about hubbies is they like their wife’s breasts, no matter how small, big, odd-shaped, or gravity-ridden they are. Yes, there are exceptions, and those men need to get a clue. But by and large, I hear over and over from husbands that they are big fans of the breasts that appear on the woman they chose and love, their beautiful wife.

Know what else men like? They own penises. No, it’s true! Just ask 100 random men—actually never do this, it’s a really bad idea—and perhaps 99-100% will say their penis is one of their favorite body parts.

So breast sex pairs TWO of a hubby’s favorites: his own penis and his wife’s breasts. To which many men reading this say, “What’s not to like?!”

Actually, from what I understand, men enjoy both the sensation and the visual of their penis making contact with their wife’s breasts. Some men can reach climax, others have breast sex as foreplay, but it is appealing to a number of husbands.

As Proverbs 5:19 says: “May her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be intoxicated with her love.”

Why does breast sex appeal to wives?

Why would a wife enjoy this? Some wives may enjoy feeling her husband’s penis rubbing against her. But since the area between a woman’s breasts is not nearly as sensitive as other areas of the breast, such as the areola and nipple, the physical sensation is likely more enjoyable to him than her.

However, a wife can feel appreciated and confident when she sees the effect her breasts have on her husband. She may relish her ability to turn him on this way and witness his excitement.

While this is not a reference to breast sex in the Bible, the Song of Songs wife says in 1:13: ” My beloved is to me a sachet of myrrh resting between my breasts.” This wife savors the idea of her husband enjoying her breasts.

What if you have smaller breasts?

Let me pause here and address you ladies who don’t have much in the way of cleavage. One might assume a man would enjoy breast sex only when his penis is surrounded by breast tissue, thus mimicking the feel of the vagina closing in around him. As one clever commenter in my closed Facebook group asked: “So if the woman is, ahem, less endowed, wouldn’t it basically be *breastbone* sex?”

But several husbands there spoke up in favor of breast sex with their smaller chested wives, saying it’s still quite enjoyable for them without substantial cleavage. Maybe it’s just the idea of his penis being right there by her breasts or the friction itself, but they like it.

So if you’re not well-endowed, your husband may adore the idea of breast sex with you. Because it’s you and your breasts he wants.

How can you have great breast sex?

Start with foreplay.

Rather than going straight for the breast sex, spend some time getting her aroused. Why? Because sexual stimulation can cause increased breast sensitivity, nipple erection, and a slight increase in the size of her breasts as blood flows to that area. All of these make the experience more enjoyable for the wife while giving you both a little more to work with.

Choose a good position.

You should make good contact between his penis and the space between your breasts. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • With wife lying down, have hubby straddle her waist, lean over, and thrust between her breasts.
  • With hubby standing, have the wife kneel in front of him, positioning her breasts on either side of his penis.

Christian Friendly Sex Positions also has a section with breast sex positions where you can find other options that might work for you.

Use lubricant.

You want some friction, but not too much. His thrusting should be smooth, so consider adding personal lubricant. To find one that works for you, check out 5 Tips for Choosing Personal Lubricant. Apply the lubricant liberally on his penis and/or your breasts. Keep it handy, in case you need to add more.

Make your cleavage count.

Whatever size breasts you have, you can squeeze them together to provide more pressure against his penis. For larger-breasted women, use your hands to push your breasts together. For smaller-breasted women, use your upper arms to pull them together.

Your husband can also assist, using his hands to nudge your breasts into position. But hubbies reading this, be gentle! Whether large- or small-breasted, all women’s breasts have a lot of nerve endings and can be sensitive.

Include your hand.

If your husbands wants a tighter feel, place your palm over his penis, forming a triangle of your breasts and hand. That will provide full contact around his penis, giving a little friction and helping him reach climax.

Add your mouth.

When your husband thrusts up, you can touch or lick the head of his penis with your mouth and tongue. You likely won’t be able to do more oral sex than that. And even that may be a stretch on your neck, shoulders, and chin. But you may be able to at least add some mouth action as he nears climax, taking his arousal up just a notch. And you may enjoy the heady feeling of that impact on him as well.

Be willing to finish another way.

Successful breast sex doesn’t mean he climaxes; it means you both enjoyed the experience. Breast sex can be the main event, or it can be foreplay for the main event. If he or you want to finish another way, go for it!

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What does the Bible say?

One last issue I want to cover. Apparently, breast sex is featured in pornography, and that makes some uncomfortable with its practice in marriage. However, breast sex precedes today’s pornography, and besides, intercourse is also in porn and we don’t exclude that. What makes pornography problematic is the treatment of people in the scenes (which includes some highly inadvisable activities) and the selfish focus of the viewer. So the question should be: Is breast sex harmful? Degrading? Objectifying? Entirely selfish?

For most married couples, the answer to these questions is no. Rather, it’s a husband enjoying this aspect of his wife’s body, her enjoying the effect her body has on him, and both of them experiencing sexual pleasure. It could be considered more one-sided for the husband, but then so would be manual play for her or oral sex for either them. Sometimes, we provide our mate pleasure not because they’re selfish, but because we want to bless them.

I’m reminded again of how God created a wife’s breasts to be part of sexual pleasure for him and her:

How beautiful you are and how pleasing,
    my love, with your delights!
Your stature is like that of the palm,
    and your breasts like clusters of fruit.
I said, “I will climb the palm tree;
    I will take hold of its fruit.”

~ Song of Songs 7:6-8

So enjoy the delights God has gifted us in the marriage bed. And if breast sex is one of them, I hope these tips help!

32 thoughts on “What about “Breast Sex”?”

  1. This is our go-to when intercourse is off the table (due to tiredness, drynesss, general not-in-the-mood-ness). It tends to work well, with minimum effort.

  2. My wife has a low opinion of “breast sex”. Since it does nothing for her, she considers it selfish on my part to want this form of sex.

  3. My H and I have done this a few times just to try something different. I smash them together and add my palm in the top like J suggested. He has never finished this way but he likes it because he says it’s so soft. The kneeling works best imo because my H has bad knees and hard for him to get on his knees on top. Sometimes I just lean against the bed bending back a bit and that works too. It is a real visual for the man a d I enjoy the look of pleasure in his face.

      1. Great article & with boldness and clarity how married couples can enjoy this part of marriage

  4. I’ll be honest…not a fan.

    My wife has tried this a few times, I think in an effort to change things up, and all it did for me was kill the mood. More power to you guys & ladies who find this one appealing.

  5. Haha, this topic gave me a good chuckle. I remember the first time my husband asked me to do this, and I was like, “uh, ok…? Why is this so great?” I kinda rolled my eyes at first, mostly because I knew this was probably something he’d seen in porn (which was true… he’s not sexually creative enough to have thought that up on his own I don’t think lol).
    We do this act regularly now because he enjoys it so much. It’s a regular part of our foreplay. I’m not flat chested by any means, but I find there is hardly enough cleavage to create the effect he’s looking for. I find adding some lube generously to my sternum helps increase the sensation for him tremendously, plus makes it easier for me to move up and down on him with my chest. Now that I’m breastfeeding, there is ample flesh for him to move between. Though lube is less necessary at this stage in our lives, we still add a little simply to increase his pleasure and both our ease of movement.

    1. By the way, I think plenty of guys could think this up without porn. Because again, it puts together two of their favorite body parts. 😀

      1. Yep – early in my adolescence I (metaphorically) put those two parts together, long before I ever encountered porn.

    2. anonymous tee hee

      If you are up over him and the ‘udders’ hang down, it works quite well.

  6. My wife and I do this some time. she has [larger breasts] and they fit nicely around my penis. It is not used as a finisher but I like it and she seems to as well. It’s a nice change for the both of us.

  7. anonymous tee-hee

    My husband has honestly made me believe him when he says he likes my overweight, saggy body, so after reading your post, I told him about it and thanked him for how he helps me accept his love for me, and then we tried it. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  8. My husband and I personally love this! It doesn’t necessarily feel “amazing” for me, but I love seeing how much he enjoys it. Don’t knock it before ya try it!! 😉

  9. I wish the advice to women that all men “like their wife’s breasts, no matter how small” would stop. Men maybe like the stereotypical small A/B cups but not smaller than that. I have heard myself from numerous men (Christian, agnostic, married and single) that women with very small breasts make them “feel like a pedophile” or feel like that are “fondling a teenage boy.” This “encouragement” to love ourselves because men love us any size we are does not help because we know it’s a lie.

    1. I don’t know who you’re talking to, but this is NOT what I hear from Christians husbands. And I hear from A LOT of them. Are there men who might feel that way? Sure. But what kind of jerk does a man have to be compare a small-breasted woman to a teenage boy? If that’s someone’s husband, she has bigger problems than A-sized breasts.

      1. I’m talking about those of us with much LESS than an A cup. I would be thrilled to have breasts even that size. Maybe the comparison to a boy was made because even most teenage girls have more breast tissue. That comment wasn’t about me but it was said in front of me about another woman. Try googling breast augmentation before and after pictures and I’m sure you’ll see more women like us…literally just nipples, no other breast tissue. See that and then you may understand why people may mistake women like us for a male. And as for the Christian men you survey, most of them probably have no experience with seeing micro-sized breasts either.

        1. I was much less than an A-cup, and I don’t need to Google BA before and after, because I already did that a long time ago and saw hundreds of comparisons. I know what’s out there. Moreover, these men are often telling me about their wives who have A-cups and less. Look, I don’t get it either, because I felt very weird without much going on there, but my husband really, honestly was happy with my body. Are there some men who aren’t that way? Sure. Of course. But not every guy is. In fact, a lot of guys aren’t.

    2. I wonder if there is a difference between men making love to their small chested wives and men having sex with small chested women whom they are not married to. I can’t imagine any decent man feeling like a pedophile for making love to his wife, no matter her breast size. However, I *can* imagine a man feeling like a pedophile if he’s having sex (perhaps before marriage) with a small chested woman. Perhaps the men Anonymous has heard from have been channeling some pre-marital feelings they may have had.

      As a man, I can say unequivocally that my wife’s breast size means nothing — absolutely nothing — to me. This was also true of the women I dated before I met my wife. And, I don’t think I’m unusual in this regard. If I could wave a magic wand, it would be to make women see their bodies as their husbands do. I love my wife’s body, but she is constantly complaining about it and has even apologized to me for her small breasts. It breaks my heart but my attempts to make her feel beautiful have always failed. And, from what I read, we are not alone.

      But let’s turn the tables. I am bald and have been since my early twenties. My wife has often expressed her appreciation for a full head of hair. I don’t have one, but I do not feel any less loved because of it. My wife loves me just as I am, and I accept and appreciate that.

      1. I am a man who weighs 120 pounds.

        I have absolutely zero muscle on me.

        My wife tells me she loves my body and that’s enough for me.

        If only women would recognize that we love their bodies too and have that be enough.

  10. This post was enlightening. I’ve never heard that term even though I’ve experienced it! My husband enjoys breast sex and I wondered how he thought of this act!! He is “straight laced” and never experienced porn. Never thought to realize that others do it too!!!! Never thought about your explanation “So breast sex pairs TWO of a hubby’s favorites: his own penis and his wife’s breasts. To which many men reading this say, “What’s not to like?!”
    The ” visual” aspect is definately confirmed in my experience.
    Learn something new every day!!

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  12. My hubby and I have enjoyed breast sex when we shower together.
    It is especially fun after we soap each other up.
    The soap and warm water make for a good lube.
    A soap that makes a lot of suds works the best.
    It is a fun sexual activity for us to start with. He has occasionally finished this way too.

    I enjoyed reading the article.

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