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Fun Findings about Sex

Before starting this blog and quite a bit since I began, I have read a lot of findings about sexuality. Some are intuitive, some are surprising, and some are, well, odd. I decided to share a few of my favorite findings about sexuality with you today.

Are your feet too cold for climax?

A study by the University of Groningen in The Netherlands looked at brain scans during orgasm to see which parts light up and which turn off. In addition to findings on their original purpose, they also reported an interesting result: Both men and women had an easier time reaching orgasm with their socks on, with a 30% increase in climax among those couples who kept their feet cozy.

How cool is the penis?

I recently watched a TED talk from research scientist Diane Kelly, who studies “the evolution of copulatory systems and sexual differentiation in the nervous system.” Don’t worry; I’m not sure what that means either.

Except that she has specifically studied mammalian penises and discovered that they are constructed in a unique way. The penis is stretchy like a worm but can also get hard. The general explanation is that blood flows into the penis, causing it to expand and stiffen. But blood flow alone doesn’t cause that stiffness, just like a worm can expand but not stiffen. Kelly studied cross-sections of the mammalian penis (go ahead and cringe, guys) and discovered that the fibers in the penile wall were arranged in a way that scientists had never seen in any other “skeletal” structure. In fact, “If the wall around the erectile tissue wasn’t reinforced in this way, the shape would change, but the inflated penis would not resist bending and erection simply wouldn’t work.”

The upshot: The penis is uniquely designed by God not only to expand in size, but to maintain the rigidity necessary for intercourse . . . and no other skeletal system is designed in this way.

Does size matter?

While flaccid (aka “limp”) penis size varies greatly, erect penises stay pretty much in the range of 4 to 7 inches (10-17 cm). A study by Psychology of Men and Masculinity reported that 68% of men are between 4.6 and 6 inches, and a mere 0.4% are above 6.9 inches (17 1/2 cm) when erect.

How much of that can a wife feel? Aroused women have about 4.25 to 4.75 inches (10 1/2-12 cm) of vaginal length, and the most important area for sexual response is the outer one-third . . . so you guys are just fine.

Pie chart
Penis size among men, by inches.

Want proof that women were meant to enjoy sex?

Let me introduce you to the female’s clitoris. The clitoris is a wishbone shaped organ with a knobby bit of flesh above the vagina (the clitoral head) that is particularly sensitive to touch.

The only known purpose of the clitoris is to provide pleasure. It does not assist in reproduction, urination, or menstruation. In fact, the clitoris is the only sex organ devoted solely to hmm-that-feels-so-good. God did not include the clitoris as an afterthought; clearly, He wants us wives to enjoy the gift of sexuality in marriage.

Can’t get rid of your hiccups? Try sex.

A 1999 case report by Drs. R. and A. Peleg related the incident of a 40-year-old male who was struck with intractable hiccups. After four days of trying everything to get rid of them, he had sex with his wife. The case study stated, “The hiccups continued throughout the sexual interlude up until the moment of ejaculation when they suddenly and completely ceased. . . .” So the next time that glass of water or standing on your head doesn’t work, suggest a “sexual interlude” with your spouse.

Feeling down? Maybe you need a natural antidepressant.

And that antidepressant would be . . . semen. Yep. A study by two evolutionary psychologists at the State of University of New York found that women regularly exposed to semen had better mood and fewer depressive symptoms. Apparently, the seminal fluid has mood-elevating compounds (endorphins, estrone, prolactin, oxytocin, thyrotrpin-releasing hormone, and serotonin) and the vagina is very absorbent.

Any research findings you’ve heard that demonstrate how interesting God made sexuality and our bodies? Which of the above findings surprises you?

Sources: Everyday Health – Does Penis Size Really Matter?; Elite Daily; Times Union; Psychology Today; TED Talks: What We Didn’t Know about Penis Anatomy by Diane Kelly; Discovery Health – Clitoris; Sexual Intercourse as a Potential Treatment for Intractable Hiccups; 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Orgasm; and a whole bunch of other articles and books I’ve read that I can’t remember to list here.

15 thoughts on “Fun Findings about Sex”

  1. Shoah. The fact about cozy feet is trippy–but now I’ll have to experiment for myself! Thanks for the great facts and for linking up with HWC!

    Christy Joy

  2. Sorry, I’ve tried pointing out all the studies about not only the physical benefits of sex but the emotional and psychological as well. You know what I hear “Well, those are probably all done by men, so of course they will say that. Even if its not, that’s just not me.” I even been told that “too much sex causes cervical cancer”. No proof of that, of course.

    1. It’s so annoying when people make unsubstantiated claims to invalidate your point. “Probably done my men”, yeah right! Can you prove that? Would they likewise disregard any study done by women? It seems the people you talk to have other issues with sex that they aren’t dealing with and this is how it comes out.

    2. “Too much sex causes cervical cancer” – there is a kernel of truth, because the HPV virus (one of the most common STDs) does cause cervical cancer. However, that’s an argument against sex with too many people who also sleep with too many people. There is NO relationship between lots of monogamous sex and cervical cancer. It’s not the frequency of sex, it’s the number of sexual partners! But that’s where that not-quite-truth comes from, FYI!

  3. I would agree with the cozy feet thing…especially in winter in the frozen north! Also, I don’t know about hiccups but orgasm has helped end some other things for me like headaches and the “burning rash” allergic reaction I get on patches of skin if I accidently have aspartame. I once had that burning rash feeling for a day and a half the first time I realized the major side effects I get from aspartame and why I even let my husband touch me when I was in so much pain I am not sure but once I had an orgasm the pain was completely gone!

  4. It’s probably safe to say, even without an expensive “scientific” study, that husbands who are regular semen DONORS also have a better mood and fewer depressive symptoms. Looks like a win-win to me.

  5. I like to raise the heat up a couple of degrees before we go to bed (i.e. make love). It helps me relax which is often a weakness of mine, and we like to sleep in the buff afterwards. Unfortunately, by morning I’m roasting because I have a hot (literally and figuratively) husband and I have to fling off the covers!

    I think warm feet help you sleep, too. It’s a good idea to keep them warm. I also like using my husband’s legs to warm them. 🙂

    1. We bought ourselves an electric heater since our bedroom tends to be frosty for a good chunk of the year. We also light candles for ambiance and a bit of heat. We tend to sleep in the buff afterwards though my wife puts on socks since she her feet get so cold.

    2. I love to snuggle afterwards. unfortunately, hubs doesn’t…something about my internal heater on high, n he’s already too warm. it shouldn’t be, but it’s kinda awkward…
      To be honest, I love reading this blog, but it makes me envy you guys/gals n your sexual prowess n confidence.

      crap, now I’m raining on the parade…

  6. It’s almost a decade old (haven’t heard an update since), but with all the high-tech equipment and research, it’s amazing that medical science still knows little about the female body and sexual response. On the August 22, 2003 broadcast of ABC’s 20/20, an expert from an OB/GYN organization stated that we are essentially in the dark ages when it comes to female sexuality–in terms of what we know compared to other areas of medicine. She claimed on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the most), our knowledge is about a 2.

    Of course, even something seemingly simple like what comprises ordinary cow’s milk is still a mystery to science!

    1. Good point. I get what you’re saying, Greg. But when I read about HOW these studies are conducted, I wonder who would volunteer for them! Maybe the private nature of sexuality itself is partly responsible for our lack of knowledge.

  7. Okay, I am convinced that good sex is a wonderful sleeping aid. Every night I don’t have intimacy with my husband, I have to reach for the melatonin 🙁

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