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4 Reasons to Listen to Sex Chat for Christian Wives

Launching next Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, Sex Chat for Christian Wives is a new podcast in which we’ll be talking about all kinds of things related to sexual intimacy in your marriage.

I could simply say the four reasons to listen are the hosts of this podcast:

Because it’s definitely a treat to get four marriage and sex bloggers all on the same podcast with our different perspectives and insight about subjects like sexual positions, the relationship of exercise and sex, female arousal, and more.

But this podcast isn’t about us. It’s about you.

4 Reasons to Listen to Sex Chat for Christian Wives with microphone and headphones

So here are four good reasons you should tune in:

1. It’s self-care. We’re big believers in self-care, all of us having learned the importance of getting ourselves in better emotional shape so that our marriages can thrive. It’s the airplane safety principle of putting the oxygen mask on yourself before you can help others get on their oxygen masks.

To have a healthy, happy sex life in marriage, we have to come with a healthy, holy perspective of the marriage bed. Our podcast helps you get to that place.

2. It’s time-savvy. We know how it is to be stretched thin among all the roles a woman plays in life and how managing your to-do list is a never-ending test of your resilience. Our podcasts pack into about 30 minutes what it would probably take you a lot longer to read. And you can listen while you work out, do laundry, drive to your next meeting, etc.

It’s a time-savvy way to be intentional about addressing sexual intimacy in your marriage.

3. It’s practical. Having written on this subject for years, we can all delve deep into the theological aspects of sexual intimacy in marriage. But we know that you want to walk away from listening to this podcast with ideas to immediately put into practice.

So while we operate from a biblical foundation, we give you practical tips that you can start using in your marriage right away. And hopefully, see a positive difference.

4. It’s inspiring. That might sound like cheesy marketing, but one effect I’d love to see from this podcast is for listeners to find their own circle of Christian wives to chat with about marriage and sexuality. We’re an example as we speak both seriously and humorously about various topics regarding sex.

And since I’m often asked how you can talk about your sex life enough to get real help, but not so much that you’re overly revealing, our podcast shows how it’s done. We don’t tell particulars of our bedroom escapades, but we talk about personal challenges and share collective wisdom.

Our first three episodes are Getting in the Mood, Sexual Positions, and 50 Shades of Here-We-Go-Again. Which will all be up sometime next week. In fact, you can already sneak-peek that first episode, by listening to Getting in the Mood below:

After launch week, we’ll be posting an episode every couple of weeks, with topics like stress, sex toys, scheduling sex, orgasm, and mismatched sex drives. Once we get our “sea legs,” we’ll also be answering reader questions. You can suggest a question here.

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Also, find a friend to tell about Sex Chat for Christian Wives. I bet you know some wife who doesn’t like to read blogs, but she would listen to a podcast.

See y’all February 14!

5 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Listen to Sex Chat for Christian Wives”

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  2. Hey J,

    So glad to get a glimpse of what’s to come! This is gonna be great!

    I just started listening, and had one suggestion that I wanted to share before I forgot it…

    It would be really cool if, at least for the first few episodes, you ladies would say the name of the person who you’re responding to.

    For example, if you make a statement that Bonnie wants to address, she could say, “I agree J, I think you’re…”

    That way, those of us who are listening can begin to associate which voice belongs to which lady.

    This might sound like a dumb thing to request, but after reading all of you for so long, it would be nice to know who is speaking at any given time. Does that make sense?

    Just a thought, and if it’s just me, no worries… Best to all of you, and God Bless you and the show.


    1. Thanks, TD! We followed the model of some other podcast hosts — saying our names at the beginning so that you can hear the differences in our voices. We are rather distinct, so once you go through an episode or two, I think you’ll be able to distinguish.

  3. Yayayayayayay! I’m a young Mom and a fairly new bride…We got married in 2015. Our first is 8 months old and our second surprise baby is due on July 4th which basically means they are 13 1/2 months apart or so (depending on when he actually comes). I also work in ministry with my husband and we are currently flipping our fixer upper home. Obviously I am in a season where I have sooo many responsibilities, that even though I have a healthy sex drive, I’m so exhausted by the end of the day that I just want my poor husband to hold me while I either sob for no reason or collapse into blissful sleep (yay hormones while pregnant…gotta love em’). 😀 I don’t want my husband to get pushed aside so I am looking forward to hearing your encouragement and tips. Thank you! <3

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