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Q&A with J: Answering Your Questions about the Podcast

While I would love to answer another personal question from a reader, this week has honestly been inundated with tasks leading up to our podcast debut. As often happens with new endeavor, a great deal of work goes into preparation, and things smooth out after the project is launched. Since answering personal questions are the most time-consuming posts I write — because I usually mull over my answer, pray about the situation, and do more research — I don’t want to shortchange anyone’s question.

Instead, I’ve decided to answer questions I’ve been asked about our upcoming podcast, Sex Chat for Christian Wives, which is coming next Tuesday, February 14.

Answering Your Questions about the Podcast with sketched microphone

Where can I find the podcast?

We’re working to get our podcast to every distributor we can. You can already find us on iTunes, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, and SoundCloud. We’ll soon be on Google Play and iHeart Radio as well. Regardless, if you head to our website,, and then look at the top right corner, you’ll see icons you can click on to find our social media sites and podcast providers.

How often will episodes go up?

We have a sneak preview episode up now, and two should follow next week. After that, it will be once every two weeks. At some point, we might become a weekly podcast, but we’ll have to see if all four of us can commit to that in the future.

What are we talking about in the podcast?

If it’s about sex, we’ll talk about it. All from a biblical foundation, of course. So far, we’ve recorded episodes on Getting in the Mood, Sexual Positions, 50 Shades of Here-We-Go-Again, Stress, Sex Scheduling, Female Arousal/Response, Exercise and Sex, and Mismatched Drives. All of these are not ready to be published, but they are in the bag and getting edited for podcast play.

Topics slated for the future include orgasm, body image, and sex toys. In addition, we’ll be answering reader questions from time to time.

How can I send you a question?

You can head to our Have a Question? page on our website and fill in the contact form. You can also use that form to suggest topics.

I think it’s important to note our policy about anonymity: “If we air a response to your question, no personally identifying information will be used. You will be kept anonymous.” Given our subject matter, we believe that’s an important assurance to our readers.

Do I have to type the word sex into my search engine?

Originally, our website was simply, and that’s still our site. But we also bought, which will take you to our website as well — because we want to be sensitive to when and where you’re typing in that information.

Why us?

Why are we four women doing this joint endeavor? For several reasons:

  1. We all write about sexual intimacy and are passionate about helping Christian wives figure out this aspect of their marriages.
  2. We come from different backgrounds and experiences, and the sum of our experience is greater than the individual parts — a true benefit for our listeners.
  3. We want to reach out in a new format and to a new group of wives.
  4. Truth be told, no one wanted to do a podcast alone, because we don’t have time to do it all, but the four of us together can handle the work.
  5. We all like each other, and if you’re going into a long-term project together, you should really get along. We truly have fun when we meet on Skype, and we respect one another.

How will I tell your voices apart?

We announce ourselves at the beginning of each podcast, with the idea of listeners associating that voice with the speaker. It might take a few times to sort that out, but having listened to other group podcasts myself, you start being able to pick out who’s who pretty quickly.

Moreover, I’ve now listened to audio of us repeatedly, and I’ve been a little surprised how distinct our voices are. I’ll give you some hints: Chris Taylor‘s voice is a smooth, low alto; Gaye Christmus has a slightly higher alto voice with crisp tones; Bonny Burns is just as chipper as she looks (and sings soprano quite well); and I sound like — oh, I don’t know, me. Honestly, I have a slight Texas twang, so you could try listening for that.

Is the podcast for men too?

No, but we welcome husbands listening. We are aiming this podcast at Christian wives, with the feel of us sitting around a kitchen table with you and discussing our topic for the day. We say things to each other in a way we wouldn’t likely say in mixed company, and our focus is on helping wives improve the sexual intimacy in their marriage.

However, nothing we say is improper to be shared publicly (or we wouldn’t be doing this podcast). And if husbands wish to listen, go right ahead. Hey, I listen to the Art of Manliness podcast; I’m clearly not their intended audience, but the podcast has some good information and helps me to understand men better.

Those are some questions I’ve heard so far. What other questions do you have about the upcoming podcast?

9 thoughts on “Q&A with J: Answering Your Questions about the Podcast”

  1. thanks! I’ll be ready to listen when that first episode releases.

    one more question… should i make sure to listen when my kids aren’t around? or use head phones? i tend to listen to podcasts while making dinner, on tabby, where anyone might also listen. makes for good conversations with hubby, but i suspect i don’t want those kind of conversations with my son!

    1. Yes, this post is not for children. In my house, you can sometimes see me wandering around with headphones on as I listen to a podcast and make dinner, fold laundry, etc. I think that’s a good way to listen. (By the way, my husband got me these headphones for Christmas, and I’m now a huge fan of the wireless ones so your cord doesn’t get caught on everything as you wander and work.)

    1. It’s currently available on iTunes HERE, Sticher HERE, and on Pocket Casts (which is an app you might have on your phone, and you can search for us). Also, you can go back to this post and listen on my website. Thanks!

  2. Just wanted to comment on the quality of the preview-the echo quality of some of the voices is very distracting. Perhaps that could be fixed during recording or editing? Unfortunately, it really takes away from the content and makes it hard to listen. I hope it can be ironed out, because I’m looking forward to the content!

    1. Yikes, I know what you’re talking about. I think we’ve got that worked out, but we couldn’t fix already-recorded episodes. Thanks for listening anyway. We’re learning a lot about the technology of all this, but let’s say it’s been a process. Blessings!

  3. I listened this week and enjoyed the podcast. Definitely not kid friendly but nothing inappropriate at all. I found it helpful and the group kegel’s made me giggle.

  4. I’m excited about the podcast! I’m a podcast junkie anyway, and I really appreciate the healthy and encouraging content of your blog. So it’s a perfect combination for me. I feel like I’m hanging out with you and several of your friends. There are some audio issues in the first episode, but like you already mentioned, I’m sure that’ll get better with time and practice. Thanks for working so hard to share ya’ll’s wisdom with us!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate you listening despite the audio issues, which we will get worked out. Our last recording was so much better.

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