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10 Sexy, Manly Items for Your Hubby’s Christmas Stocking

This holiday season, something odd happened: My 10 Sexy Stocking Stuffers for Your Husband post from last year seemed to go viral on Pinterest. I take away two lessons from that: (1) Plenty of wives want to get their husbands something intimate for Christmas; and (2) We like getting more ideas!

So here we go. Once again I combed the stores, the Internet, and my ever-fertile-and-sometimes-crazy imagination and came up with this list of sexy, manly stuff for hubbies for Christmas.

Red christmas boot with gifts on background wooden wall

Ride Lube. Forget all those personal lubricants with words like silk and sensual and passion in the name. Your man doesn’t need all that frou-frou fluff. Just give him Ride Dude Lube, made by Sliquid (one of my favorite brands, by the way). From ingredients to packaging, this lubricant is designed for the manly man in your life. As the advertisement says, “Formulated with the highest quality ingredients, and branded with imagery any cowboy will want to get behind, Ride Dude Lube is here to help you Saddle Up!” Yee-haw.

Bacon Lube. Of course, if flavored lubricant is your man’s thing, don’t get your hubby something fruit-flavored. He doesn’t want to taste strawberry or tutti-frutti; not when he could instead taste bacon. While sex and pork don’t really go together in my mind, far be it from me to deprive married couples of this unique experience. If bacon is your thing, go for it. And if you’re saying to yourself when pigs fly, remember this is about when pigs fry. (An apology to the vegetarians for that, but I promise no pigs were harmed in the making of that joke or the lube.)


Buck Naked Underwear. It’s just fun to say, isn’t it? “Buck naked”? (Or maybe that’s just the Texan in me coming out.) But this underwear for men is moisture-wicking and boasts: “No pinch, no stink, no sweat. Feels like you aren’t wearing any underwear at all.” Well, then… There are even ones called “Date Night Boxers.” Whatever that means.

Buck Naked Underwear

Body Groomer. Come on! Be honest: Some husbands out there “manscape.” Maybe it’s because he got a callback on his audition for the next Planet of the Apes film simply based on his looks, or because he — or you — like a cleaner area to work with when you’re intimately engaged. But if your hubby’s going to do any trimming down there, he shouldn’t just grab his regular old razor. As a man, he knows how important it is to have the right tool for the job! For example, this Braun cruZer body groomer is safe for all body areas and can be used wet or dry.

Man Candle. Candlelight is romantic, sensual, intimacy-welcoming. And being a woman, I’m aware of the variety of candle brands and scents out there, with everything from vanilla to chocolate chip cookies to fresh cut roses. But do men really want their bedroom smelling like a kitchen or a floral garden? Thankfully, Candle Delirium has you covered with its Men Candles and fragrances like Leather & Tobacco, Havana, and Firewood & Whiskey.

Sexy Dice Game. Your man likes a good game, right? How about a sexy dice game? There are several versions, but the general idea is you take turns rolling the dice and what turns up is some combination that creates interesting foreplay. You can find these games online and from Christian sex retailers, or you could even make your own. If you’re looking for a ready-made version, Pure Romance carries one set called Spicy Dice.

Bath Salt. You won’t catch your manly man eyeballing the bath products section at your local grocery store. But although men aren’t known for taking bubble baths, many of them do enjoy a good soak — especially with a wife willing to get in that tub with him. Now, suddenly, bath time is a whole lot funner! So what bath product would your guy like? How about a product like ManSalt, a bath salt product for “relieving aching muscles, improving skin quality and [leaving] an irresistible masculine scent”?


Sexy Picture of You, His Gorgeous Wife. I’m not a big fan of taking extremely revealing pictures of yourself for your spouse. Perhaps I’ve simply heard too many horror stories of good-intentions-gone-wrong when someone else discovers the photographic evidence. But a suggestive photo can be a lovely thing — reminding your husband that you are uniquely there for his eyes and his touch and hinting at the real, three-dimensional thing you get to enjoy in your marriage. So perhaps your husband would love a snapshot photo of you with a come-hither look. Think of options that suggest sex more than show it, such a photo of yourself in his dress shirt with buttons open enough to let him know you’ll unbutton more when you’re together, or you lying naked in bed with the sheets draped across your private areas but enough skin peeking through to be an invitation. And if you want to be extra careful, use a Polaroid camera that leaves no recording of the shots taken.

unmade bed

Superhero Socks. What? You don’t think socks are sexy? They are if you pin a note to them telling your husband he‘s your superhero, and when you remind him that people reach orgasm more easily when their feet are warm. No, really; there was a study about it. You can find superhero socks just about anywhere, but here’s one idea.

Marriage App for Your Phones. Did you know there are several great apps for your phone, designed to make your marriage and intimacy better? I. Had. No. Idea. But when I saw some of the offerings, I was intrigued! And when you can get technology involved in marriage improvement, you’re more likely to bring your man along in the mission. There’s a great run-down of options from Singing through the Rain blog HERE. Also, I was especially fascinated to find that even The Gottman Institute offers apps, including Sex Questions to Ask WomenSex Questions to Ask Men, and Love Talk for Guys (with 93 suggestions of what to say during intimacy). So gift him an app, let him download it, and then peruse together.

Gottman apps

Your turn! What ideas do you have for husband stocking stuffers?

(Just so you know, none of these are affiliate or sponsored products.)

18 thoughts on “10 Sexy, Manly Items for Your Hubby’s Christmas Stocking”

  1. I always enjoy a sexy, INTIMATE love note from my loving wife. The note should be placed where it will be found and read at a time she is not near ( lunch box, brief case, etc). It builds up the romance for later.

    1. GREAT idea, Bob! My favorite gift from my husband of all time remains the love poem he wrote for me. That poem was romantic, awkward, intimate, and heartfelt. I treasure it!

    2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Christmas is over but V day is around the corner!!! Great ideas anytime of year!

  2. I was just reminded by someone that encryption software could be an option for sexy photo-taking. One reader suggested a FREE file encryption software that allows a user to password protect important files, such as intimate photos of your spouse. I am NOT personally vouching for this software or any other! But I did want to mention that such resources exist, and you can check them out for yourself and decide.

  3. For those who have a healthy sex life, these gift ideas for a man are great! However, for those of us in a sex-starved marriage, an enthusiastic yes to sex would be the best gift of all.

  4. My husband says no to all of these, especially the dice game (can I pout….stayed a virgin until marriage, eyed those dice games before marriage eager to buy some only to find out he has absolutely no interest in playing kinky games).

    I got him a board game, a model to put together, a dvd, a gadget for his phone, and a bottle of his favorite adult beverage.

    1. Interesting, because I don’t the dice are a particularly kinky game. There are kinky sex games out there, and I try to keep my choices more adventurous than shocking.

      But your list sounds like you know what your guy enjoys, and that’s the most important thing about a gift — considering the recipient. Merry Christmas! And I hope you can both say “yes” to some intimacy in your marriage this holiday season!

      1. Oh, there’ll be intimacy! We both already spoke up about it! YAY! He’s just REALLY vanilla. (He wasn’t before we married. I was the overly sheltered virgin. He was the been around the block and sowed lots of wild oats fellow). But, he’s content with vanilla. Any more vanilla and he’d be plain water!!

        But, yes, I know him and we spoke of gifts last month. So, he will be a happy man on Christmas Day. Me? I’ll just have to be happy that he’s happy. Along with his vanilla, he’s not much into getting gifts for me. Sometimes he hits a home run, but usually, he just doesn’t bother and tells me to go buy something or makes a promise we end up being unable to keep.

  5. HIS kind of lingerie. No, by that I don’t mean him wearing it. I mean you wearing for him the kind of thing he wants to see you in. Face it. It’s a gift that’s much more for him than you. Of course he will probably have to open it in private if you don’t want to gross out the kids and cause them years of therapy. Maybe add a note that says “private modeling session later.” And don’t worry about comfort. You probably won’t be wearing it long…

    1. You’re welcome, Kathryn! I was going to do all the research myself, and then I saw what a great job you’d done and thought, “I’m not remaking the wheel. She’s got it covered!” Happy to link to your wonderful post! Blessings!

  6. One year I got my wife a Makita Cordless power drill. She loved it, I use it, we laugh every time we think of Christmas gifts. Intimate, No! But it adds to intimate times in bed when we think of it later.

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