Resource Roundup: June 2021

Welcome to another monthly roundup of recent posts, podcast episodes, recommended resources, and much more. Scroll through to find what you might have missed or your next great resource for marriage.

This Month on the Blog

I’m back to blogging twice a week in most weeks! Let’s hope I can continue.

  • How a Good Husband Can Be a Great Lover
    Being a good husband doesn’t automatically make you a great lover. How can you take your sex life from good to great? Some ideas.
  • Resource Roundup: September 2021
    Time for another roundup of marriage and sex resources for you and your beloved! You may find exactly what you need right here.
  • To Good-willed Husbands Who Want a Great Sex Life
    Are there any good men out there? Yes, there are. Many husbands want better sex not just for themselves, but for their wives. Here’s to them.
  • What If Your Husband Is a Bedroom Bully?
    Previously, we talked about husbands who force, demand, pressure, or intimidate a wife into having sex. What can you do with a bedroom bully?
  • You Are Not Your Husband’s Sex Toy
    Some husbands insist on having sex HIS way—with his timing, his repertoire, and his pleasure. Wives, you are not your husband’s sex toy. Let’s talk about it.
  • Honest Answers to Questions About Sex
    Looking through old resources, I came across interview questions from 2016. Sharing what I found with some honest answers about sex!
  • Resource Roundup: August 2021
    Let’s round up some more great marriage resources! Be sure to note the upcoming online conferences and my workshop topics.

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From Knowing Her Sexually Podcast

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Recommended Resources & Products

I recently attended my best friend’s son’s wedding! What a wonderful experience, since I’ve known that kid since he was two years old and now he’s grown, married, and thriving.

But it brought to mind that I want to put together a resource list for newlyweds. I’ll work on that, but in the meantime, did you know that I have quick tips for the wedding night? Add your choice to the shower or wedding gift with a wink and a smile. Help a couple start out right!

What J’s Up to These Days

  • In 2010, I got breast implants, and this past month, I got them removed. Based on my recovery, explant was the right choice for my health going forward. You can read more about my reasons here: Are Breast Implants Bad for You? Now I don’t believe that implants, breast or otherwise, are necessarily bad, but we should inform patients better and screen candidates for immune issues that could cause problems later on. Anyway, I’m feeling much better!
  • Now that I’m healthy again, I’m eager to travel more! Wanna invite me to speak in 2022? Check out my speaking page and/or shoot me an email.

Biblical Inspiration for the Coming Month

After the Last Supper, Jesus told His closest followers, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:35). We believe Jesus’s command applies to Christian community today.

What if it’s true of marriage as well? That is, what would people conclude about our discipleship to Christ based on our marriage?

What would people conclude about our discipleship to Christ based on our #marriage? @hotholyhumorous Click To Tweet

When I think deeply about this, I’m more aware of all the times I don’t treat my husband the way I should. I consider all the opportunities I miss to show him kindness, respect, affection, and covenant love. I ask God to intervene and prompt me to do better.

Not only will my marriage reap the benefits of sowing such good seed in our relationship, but my marriage then becomes a larger witness to the world of what I believe about righteousness, redemption, and love.

What about your marriage?

4 thoughts on “Resource Roundup: June 2021”

  1. A Disappointed Bride

    J– is there any way you can round up some resources for those of us struggling with men with porn addictions? I am realizing after a year of new marriage and needed counseling in this year that the rarely there sex drive on my husband isn’t so much an actually low sex drive or potentially a hormonal issue but a still recovering porn addiction issue. It’s hard to be rejected by my husband frequently but even harder to hear that most days he’s fighting not to look at others while my naked body only occasionally earns a second glance. Looking forward to my honeymoon and getting very little sex and then this has not only shattered the hopes of prayers I’ve had but also the intimacy between us. My husband isn’t to a place where he can really say he has a porn addiction because it’s not active which makes this road even more incredibly difficult.

    I’ve read more and more studies that are finding more lower drive young men have porn issues more than anything else. A list of resources to help us women in the crossfire would be so appreciated.

    1. HUGS. What a hard journey! Praying for you. And yes, I can round up some resources on that. Thanks for the suggestion!

    2. I deeply feel for you and know that this is a difficult place to be. I don’t have answers, but I will pray to the one who does have answers. God wants so much more for your marriage and He can bring healing. I also pray that J will have God’s wisdom in sharing resources.

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