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Hour-by-Hour Marital Intimacy on Valentine’s Day

You know those songs that claim a couple made love all day or all night long? I’ve always wondered who has that kind of stamina. (So have many of you.) While having actual sex for 12 to 24 hours isn’t likely going to happen, you can create a sensual, intimate experience that lasts the whole day and into the night. Valentine’s Day might just be the very day to try it out!

Let’s walk through the day and see how you can create a passionate setting for this special day of romance.

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Start the day right by giving your beloved a bouquet of flowers, breakfast in bed, an invitation to pamper herself or himself later, and/or something that makes her or him feel fresh and appealing.

Here are some gifts to launch your Valentine’s Day with romance and intimacy in mind!

Kissing mugs!


Lunchtime can also be an opportunity for some good lovin’! (You have heard of a nooner, right?) Put together a special treat or lunch and serve it up with a kiss and your special style.

Here are some gift ideas for midday amour:


It’s time for a bit of afternoon delight! That doesn’t have to involve sex just yet, but perhaps the flirtation and anticipation of what’s coming later today. Tease now, please later.

Help your honey start preparing by presenting one or more of these:


The sun has set, and you’re excited to set the stage! Or maybe celebrate what you already did. ~wink~

Regardless, now’s the time to step up the sensuality and take your intimacy to a deeper level. Here are a few items to assist:


Pick your classic. Is it Ray Charles’s “Nighttime Is the Right Time”? Neil Diamond’s “Thank the Lord for the Nighttime”? Or hey, how ’bout the little-known Strangeloves’ “Night-Time”? Whatever your music style, songwriters and others have long noticed that nighttime is a good time for feelin’ sexy and goin’ for it! Some options:

What’s your favorite day time of day for romance, affection, and/or lovemaking? And how can you make this Valentine’s Day special for your spouse?

If you really want to make this Valentine’s extra special, give the gift of a marriage cruise!

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8 thoughts on “Hour-by-Hour Marital Intimacy on Valentine’s Day”

  1. This is a great post!

    Some may not see the special significance of Valentine’s Day, as everyday we need to maintain a certain playful “flirty-ness” with our spouse’s on a daily basis.

    But I like Valentine’s Day, because my sweetie and I find tend to go the extra mile (within our means) to do things that emotionally stimulate one another’s mind. She’ll send her own messages, sometimes pulling her hair away from the back of her neck, hinting that she needs that area needs to be kissed.

    For spouses that are navigating through some stormy seas within the marriage, (Sadly, I’ve been there) Valentine’s Day might be that opportunity to exit away from those turbulent waters toward the safety of being loving, kind and holding one another while allowing passage inside each other’s mind. (sometimes in virtual silence)

    Aside from finding a meaningful card and box of chocolates, my spouse works on Valentine’s this year, (I have Tuesday off) this post will motivate me to make sure she doesn’t lift a finger, as she will have a spotless house that day and prepare meals, while at the same time we’ll exchange a combination of appreciative, romantic and flirty emails.

    The “pedi” suggestion is a super good idea for February 13th. She actually prefers that I do a pedi on her, which makes me feel good because I know it involves a confidence of trust on her part, knowing that I’m very careful not to get “too close” (painless) and not trimming her nails short. I think her toes are an erogenous area, at least she tends to act that way as trim her nails, then kissing on the arch area, as our minds are making love to each other and generating some intimate anticipation, but more than likely saving our energy for the evening of 2/14.

    Our energy levels isn’t as strong to make love 3 or 4 times in a 12 hour period like we use to, but we can build up a lot of anticipation in 12 to 24 hours (or 96 hours) which can be mentally thrilling, that by the time we do make love our arousal levels will become extremely intense.

    Great post!

  2. Tried for decades to make valentines day romantic. Failed every year but one (ie was ignored), and even then the reaction was meh. Gave up. Still give a card, but that’s it. I HATE getting cards now.

    Most hated holiday, behind anniversary, which is the same story but with an even worse success rate, that is, always failed. But I guess it’s not a holiday, so I guess it’s in its own category.

  3. Brought home a nice bottle of my wife’s favorite wine last night and she asked what it was for. She had no clue about Valentines Day. Yep, not expecting much today.

      1. Dinner was off brand hamburgers. I have not been a priority in her life for a long time, being the one who will simply be there, taken for granted. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is just reality. At least she knows I won’t stray on her.

        1. Well, it wasn’t off-brand, but we had hamburgers for our Valentine’s meal too. I did, however, suggest an outing soon that my husband agreed to (a swing-band / dance event!), so there’s that. Keep trying. Praying for you!!!

          1. We are all good, though I very much appreciate the prayers. I slipped and told my wife the next day that Valentines Day absolutely sucked. She was taken back by it at first but understood in the end. I am not looking for a wild time or even a sweet intimate time on that day. I just want to be reminded that there is still a spark after almost 32 years of marriage.

            I hope next year gives you more than burgers. They are great for a regular day, but there are much better choices for a somewhat special day. My wife and I don’t make a big deal of Valentines Day, but we try to make it a little better than most days.

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