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Two Interviews I Hope You’ll Listen To

Delight Your Marriage podcast logoI’m doing something different today and encouraging you click elsewhere, to the Delight Your Marriage podcast. This is a new marriage and sexuality podcast hosted by Belah Rose, who requested an interview with me.

We chatted a few weeks ago (before my “big reveal“), and the podcast recently went live. Listening to the first installment, I wasn’t sure I’d ever talked that personally about my marriage before. But I’m happy to share it with you here, because I want my experiences — bad and good — to encourage wives and marriages:

How Being Happy Saved Her Marriage with J. Parker (click title to link)

The second installment gets into my favorite subject — sex in marriage. I specifically address the issues I hear most often from wives and how we can make positive changes for our marital intimacy:

How Sex Can Be Great for Her Too with J. Parker (click title to link)

You can also head to iTunes for the Delight Your Marriage podcast there. Belah’s interviews with me are episodes 2 and 3. (By the way, don’t let the word “Explicit” scare you. It’s nothing more than I talk about here. Promise!)

Please take a listen. And may it bless your marriage!

9 thoughts on “Two Interviews I Hope You’ll Listen To”

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  2. So this is kind of unrelated, but it is relevant to happiness. Since you are so kind to listen to me lament and then give me advice, I wanted to share the good stuff!
    (BTW, I did get flowers for Valentine’s Day, and although there was a huge part of me was thinking “grrrr… I didn’t want flowers on some make believe holiday out of obligation…. I would rather him give me a dandelion just because I was in his mind” kind of thing – I smiled and thanked him and then thought maybe he did it because he was trying to make me happy. We just have so many different ideas of what shows love, and he is a fantastic guy but he does not read my mind very well.
    Anyhow, yesterday I was in the grocery store and I saw the prettiest bouquet. Since it is so cold and icky here, I really thought it was such a pretty touch of spring, and how nice it would be to have them in the house. Then I started thinking “well my husband is so busy and never goes to any store that sells flowers and he wouldn’t think of me anyway and…” And then I STOPPED. And I bought the flowers myself.
    When he got home from work I handed him the bouquet. Then I stood in front of him with my eyes closed for a minute. When I opened my eyes and he was holding the flowers I smiled a huge smile and said “Oh, they’re so pretty! I love them! Thank you so much!” And I took the flowers and gave him a big hug and kiss. (I was being genuine, not sarcastic or mean. And he can totally tell when I’m for real, he’s very discerning.) His reaction was priceless. He hugged me and got the biggest smile on HIS face. He seemed genuinely happy and he enjoyed the whole thing. It was so worth getting over myself and just buying the flowers already.

    1. Love this story! Yes!!! Of course, “he does not read my mind very well.” Do you read minds? I try, but I don’t. And we all vary in how well we read expressions and hints. So doing this kind of pointed thing can help our spouse understand what really makes us tick.

      And hey, beautiful bouquet of flowers to enjoy. Bless you! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the interview and also letting us know about

    I do have one comment on the website (and it does not have any comments, so I can’t put them there).

    Episode 1 and 7 have an option to download, but the others do not. And on top of that the ones that don’t have the download option also won’t work on my android phone for some reason. I for one really like to download the files so I can listen to them on car rides and I don’t have to worry about pauses in bad cell coverage areas or chewing up my cell phone data.

    1. She’s working on it at the website end! Hopefully, MP3 downloads will be available soon. Thanks for the question.

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