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Resource Roundup: March 2021

Welcome to another monthly roundup of marriage and sex resources with links to recent posts, as well as:

Scroll through to find what you might have missed or your next great resource for marriage.

This Month on the Blog

Quick note: I’m trying to blog twice a week, but sometimes I only get one blog post out.

From Sex Chat for Christian Wives Podcast

From Knowing Her Sexually Podcast

My Post at KHS Ministry

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A Few Great Reads Elsewhere

Also, to the WIVES, please help Chris Taylor of Honeycomb & Spice learn more about chronic illness & sex. You can visit her post about it below or just take the survey at:

Teach Me About Chronic Illness and Sex

Recommended Resources & Products

I’ve often mentioned Christian Friendly Sex Positions as a good resource for positions tastefully drawn yet well displayed and described. But it can be rather unwieldy to lie in bed with your spouse searching through their database. Hey, CFSPs just launched a deck of physical cards with 52 of their most popular positions! It comes in a blank box, so no one but you and your beloved will know what’s inside, and cards include QR codes that you can scan to find the online instructions. (affiliate link)

I wrote a whole post about this product, but I just have to say again: what a smart idea! Ladies, if you want to do Kegels right and in a way that’s actually fun, check out the Perifit pelvic floor exerciser. (And no, this is not a sex toy, but a device for women’s health.)

What J’s Up to These Days

These days, I’m down more than up. Meaning I sleep way more than I used to, but it is what it is. I’m in a season of rest.

  • My battle with chronic illness continues, with several doctor appointments lined up and ongoing investigation to answer the question: What is wrong with me? (I mean, beyond my fun craziness. ~wink~) No certain answer yet, but I found an app that helps me track symptoms. In case it helps someone else, the app is Bearable.
  • My TBR (to be read) pile is quite large, but sadly it’s been difficult for me to read anything longer than a few pages. I’ve been keeping up with my field through online articles—often read to me with the text-to-speech function—and audio/video content. All of which reminds me that I really need to get my own books into audio!
  • Spock and I recently took a short driving date outside Houston to soak up the beauty of Texas wildflowers. Unfortunately, the flowers were in short supply. Some have wondered if Snowmaggedon (our rare snowstorm in mid-February) impacted their growth, but Texas Parks & Wildlife says the flowers should still blossom, though more in April. We hope to take another drive soon and verify that “the sage in bloom is like perfume, deep in the heart of Texas.” (It is.)

Biblical Inspiration for the Coming Month

How do we read the Bible? That is, a lot of us “read” the Bible by seeing and sharing verses or short passages. While time doesn’t always permit, I now try to open up my Bible where the excerpt appears and scan the context. Sometimes, it’s an eye-opener to see the verses that come before or after what was cited.

For instance, we love to share Jeremiah 29:11:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

That sounds great, God! Let’s do that.

But if you read the whole chapter, that verse appears in a section telling the Israelites to hang out in Babylonian captivity for a while yet. Wait a minute—I didn’t know CAPTIVITY was part of this deal!

My point is that we want to rest on all of God’s amazing salvation promises, and they are true! He loves us so much and wants the best for us. But sometimes we have to hang out for a while, doing the best we can and finding contentment in an imperfect situation.

If your marriage or sex life isn’t everything you know God wants it to be yet, don’t give up hope. But also don’t demand a miracle from God by tomorrow.

His plan may unfold more slowly, but incremental improvements are often the ones that become permanent and teach us gratitude for both the result and the journey.

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  2. Fantastic round up. I will admit, I had ignored this from past months. I decided I would look at it this month for some reason. One of the articles in the blogs from KHS ministries talked about “size.” Yes, I think every man worries about this topic. Even after nearly 30 years of marriage, it still remains in the back of my mind. The article really gave me assurance that I didn’t need to be so concerned. I actually asked my wife about this today, which was a very vulnerable question, to be honest. She was quick to declare that she absolutely did not want me to be any bigger. It gives me a huge boost in confidence, to be honest. Thank you for sharing some very sensitive topics, regardless of how uncomfortable they may be.

    1. Yay! You’re welcome. I’m glad you and your wife talked about that, and she could reassure you.

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