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Best (Sexy) Christmas Gifts for Your Spouse

Every year, I post some list of holiday gifts for your spouse—from sexy stocking stuffers to romantic experiences. Have I expended all of my ideas? Not yet, but it has gotten harder to come up with fresh ones! Which is why I’m adding a few more this time, but also providing a collection of prior posts that you can peruse to find fun ideas for your spouse and your marriage.

A Few New Gift Ideas

Open When Letters / Envelopes

Present your beloved with envelopes that say “Open When ____” on each and have a customized messages inside. I looked at several options, downloaded a couple, and ended up really liking this printable set from PrintyIllustrations that includes labels, cards, and envelopes if you need them, as well as inspiration for what to write in your messages. What a great way to encourage your spouse and express your love!

Weighted Blanket

These blankets have become rather popular in recent years. My son got one, and at first I thought it was just some whatever trend. But then I got underneath the weighted blanket, and ooooh, aaaah … I get it. A weighted blanket may be just what your spouse or your bed needs for you to have a good night’s sleep and some even better snuggling.

Check out the blanket here!

Split Blanket & Sheet Set

But what if your spouse keeps stealing your covers? Well, Uncommon Goods has you covered with a couple’s split blanket & sheet set. Who knew!

Sexy Christmas Cookies

It’s pretty amazing what you can find on Etsy, an online marketplace for vintage and handmade items. For instance, a cookie cutter set you can use to make both cookies and a clear invitation to have sex. In case you need a good sugar cookie recipe, try this one or this one.

Personalized Scented Candle

Have you heard of the idea of you or your spouse lighting a candle when you’re open to having sex? Well, you can buy candles that say that basic thing (“when this candle’s lit, then…”), but the verbiage is often crass. How about putting your own message on the candle? You could say something like: “When this candle is light, let’s get intimate” or “Time to Play” or “I Burn for You.” Come up with the right invitation for your marriage bed, along with some good aromas to get you both in the mood.

See the candle here.

Gift Ideas for Our Podcast

Be sure to check out our gift-themed episodes from Sex Chat for Christian Wives (links in show notes).

Where to Shop for Lingerie?

Classy styles, model-free photos, pretty prices & inclusive sizing.

And now for many ideas from prior posts…

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And a Quick Word about Giving Tuesday

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4 thoughts on “Best (Sexy) Christmas Gifts for Your Spouse”

  1. I solve he ‘he pulls off the covers’ by using a king-size top sheet and blanket on a full bed.
    I’d like to get my husband what I think is called a ‘banana hammock’ but am ashamed to search for and order one.

  2. I am likely speaking for many, perhaps most men. The best sexy gift my wife could ever give me is a beautiful piece of lingerie. For me, it isn’t something pornographic or stripper like. A very pretty teddy will make my job draw. She likes these as well, but the material is important, as some make her itch.

    For my wife, a coupon book for massages would likely be her favorite idea. She will melt at a massage. While this isn’t always sexy to the point of a physically intimate night, she will still feel very emotionally close and quite satisfied. Sometimes that is all that matters.

    Anyway, this is a great list and I appreciate the effort you put into creating it. It is always tough to come up with ideas other than jewelry (my wife isn’t all that into jewelry and can only use so many jewelry items).

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